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Monday, November 5, 2012

100% Cure - not so Fishy!

I  never thought I would be writing about my psoriasis...I have discovered a cure that I have to tell my readers about.  Just to give you some background on my psoriasis. After being sick with strep last year I earned a patchy rash that came with my recovery.  Well, not so much!   This rash hung around for 6 month after I tested negative for strep.  My MD and my dermatologist couldn't understand why I could not get rid of this nasty rash on my belly, my back, and my arms.  Every time a patch would  disappear a new one would re-appear.....annoying and unsightly.   My dermatologist gave me every cream out there....and a biopsy, to see what type of psoriasis it was. After using 2 more steroid creams that did not help and only irritated the situation, my doctor asked me to try Fish oil.   I am game to try anything. Especially a natural oil!  I bought a high potency fish oil and applied it to my patching spots all over the trunk of my body.  With a pin, I pricked a hole in the gel cap and only put a  tiny bit on the psoriasis patches.
Within 3-4 days the areas were getting lighter, not as red.  It has been only 2 weeks and I have can say, my psoriasis is 100% better....and I have not received any more new break-outs.  My doctor has asked for feedback on the fish oil as an aid to cure psoriasis.  I am happy to report that I am a psoriasis suffer, no-more!  If you can get over the fishy scent...which is not so bad....you will find that this is a fantastic remedy for psoriasis.  Very inexpensive....8.99 I got 100 gel caps of fish oil.   I spent over hundred dollars on steroid creams that did not help.  I am a PISCES ...I guess I  should have known that fish oil would be the ONLY cure for me!
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