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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make Money Tips

"Sunshine" my pet anole
 It is not easy to make money these days...   Here are 2 Tips to turn around your business.  This is what EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE does:  " It is an Eco-friendly GREEN Visibility  tool strategy for the small(green)  business owner." 
My magazine delivers more educated visibility for the clients than other magazines of a similar nature.  Want more green/natural items......see them here and buy direct from the vendors.
EYE ON GREEN  is becoming a highly recommended vehicle to market green and naturals in the beauty business. It is like no-other publication out there.  CEO is hands-on with her followers and is continuing reviewing ways on  how small business can see "green" in there bottom line.

See marketing strategy and Eco-packages below.

I have openings for Oct "Green feature Review"  read below. Hope to see you in Oct's Anniversary edition of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE!

Package A: EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE -  a 10.00 donation that announces your site and what you do in the Green industry.  go here to donate: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info and choose "green feature donation" link in your cart (fill out questions at the bottom and return) Your link is posted on EYE ON BEAUTY web shop in the Green Vendor Directory.  ( 1 Month of Service)  Heavy Marketing on LinkedIn
Package B:  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE Banner ad marketing.

A banner ad for your company can be posted to the EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE blogspot. I get heavy traffic to this site...usually 100 + hits a day... These are quality hits!  not just "clicks." Your Company Banner will be posted there for 3 months.  And will be visible to all visitors that come to see EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE updates...I am #1 on Google, Blogger, Bing, Yahoo
other details that you get:
A preview of your website (as stated above)
A link to my website ( eye on beauty) Green vendors List (4 ever listing)
A supplemental routine marketing on linkedIn, and Paper.il
(which is called a Back-Link) very valuable and free!
Need references?  available upon request.
I have 3 papers on paper.il  which you will get supple commentary marketing of your site which will add more to your visibility.
This is a 3 month Eco-Green-up  package.  $120.00  (for 3 months of service)

email me to receive more info:  terry@eyeonbeauty.info

"I totally understand the green business owner. We are like farmers,  pioneering into fields unknown.   We are not rich people, we are all trying to make a difference, with very little means."  Terry Ruvo CEO/Publisher

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