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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My little BlackBox Hot List!

BlackBox Cosmetics offers benefits  for at home spa skincare as well as sophisticated products  for  spas and salons.  See the exciting comprehensive packages below .



This is our Independent Sales Associate (ISA) & Restoration Kit Enrollment Package. The total cost for this package with discount is now only $149.00.

With the purchase of the ISA Package, you will become an Independent Sales Associate with BlackBox Cosmetics. As an ISA you will have the ability to purchase our products at wholesale, create a sales organization, benefit from your own personal sales, and benefit from the sales of your sales organization. This package includes: 1)Your own Replicated BlackBox Cosmetics' Website & Shopping Cart 2)Your first Cosmeceutical Restoration Kit and 3)The ISA Folder and Promotional Materials.

There are NO other fees or renewals associated with becoming or maintaining your Independent Sales Associate status. It is that simple. 
**For more information about becoming an ISA, please refer to our "Become a Sales Associate" section at the main BlackBox Cosmetics' website. BlackBox Products!

My favorite  product that I use to decrease under-eye puffiness is "little Secret Weapon."  The finest ingredience and shows visible differences around the delicate eye area. see below 

Little Secret Weapon


This incredible serum is designed to instantly tighten the delicate skin tissue under the eye, while reducing & removing puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. LSW has an very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, microalgae, 6 different wrinkle-reducing Peptides, Hexapeptides, & Dipeptides. These extremely effective amino acid based compounds have a fast absorption rate and the effects are often compared to botox, because they cause the skin to relax... safely and naturally. For long-term benefits, LSW is loaded with collagen building aminos, vitamins, & other age-defying compounds. There isn't another under-eye product available anywhere that is so powerful. LSW is organically preserved.
MSRP $41.25 Retail
Web Price $32.95 Dist price

Get on BlackBox! Salons are sure to be on the cutting edge with these products!  Order BlackBox