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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get more Green!

 EYE on GREEN Magazine  will be promoting it's anniversary issue next month in October.  With the celebration in mind, there will be opportunities to advertise with the magazine.   Eye on Green takes a $10.00 donation from green vendors that wish to display their products or services.  This donation in no way provides any compensation.  It is merely a magazine bringing  the "good green news"   It is the "little" gifts of green that I am willing  to share with others, and  known  healthy remedies for the alternative beauty market.  Giving readers this type of knowledge is the greatest gift of all!  

Opportunities for Monthly advertising will be established on banner size geared for small green businesses.  As long as you have a green product or service, you are entitled to run a banner ad for a green Eco-friendly  rate. 

"I totally understand the green business owner. We are like farmers,  pioneering into fields unknown.   We are not rich people, we are all trying to make a difference, with very little means."  Terry Ruvo CEO/Publisher

Please write me with interest on 3 month advertising rates and  banner size  that you would like GREEN MAGAZINE to carry.   I can not guarantee sales, but I can guarantee you impeccable responsible representation for your product and service.  write: Terry@eyeonbeauty.info


Green Pig Tip! Free Link Exchange

This the the 1st tip form The GREEN PIG social networking hog.   Di d you know there are many ways that you can create  noticeable visibility for your siteand blog page?   Di d you know that it is free and easy?  It is not about following a blog or site, is utilizing the RSS feed link and pasting this link into your "Favorite Link" or "Links that I Follow."  site page!   It takes following a blog 1 step further.  I will be sending many of my followers instructions on how 2 do this!  It is not high-level.  Although you will need some High-level of patience with yourself. If you don't succeed... try, try, again!

Let me explain - with your social network that you have established  (business networks)   These are people that share the same business interest in the green beauty arena.