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Thursday, September 27, 2012

FALL Color - Green up!

Do you know what the different is between Drug Store makeup and Botanical Green Makeup?....  The new science of Makeup is turning up Green. ... not just for fall.,  for a whole bunch of antioxidant and health reasons!   Turn your face to botanicals, turn away from drug store, big name cosmetics that are  filled with preservatives with no age defying effects...go here for healthy color fortified with vitamins for beauty.  EYE ON BEAUTY online Natural Boutique

Needs for FALL Beauty

Model is wearing:  "Passion Fruit" lip gloss
Select Beauty is here!  Enriched with color and vitamins to keep your glow on the whole year!

Purchase 1  cosmetic  from http://www.eyeonbeauty.info and receive a free tinted moisturizer sample in the mail, enough for 2-3 days of light coverage...you choose the tint you want!
 "Provoke" lip creme pictured below, is a stunner!  Purple/Berry/golden color sheen.  $12.00  only!   This color is not found anywhere and the formulation is non-toxic paraben free beauty.   It is smooth and creamy,  there is no other cosmetic company that can compete with EYE On BEAUTY private label.  Only 1 left in stock!  go here to purchase ( pls write to me here on selection of your (color) of  foundation choice.  terry@eyeonbeauty.info)  This is just the beginning of  the fall festival makeup list! Have fun shopping!
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Touch of Sand
Touch of Sun
Touch of Tan
"Provoke" Lip creme
"Passion Fruit" liquid lip gloss.  Color is berrylicious and a favorite for fall    (see below   ) $16.00

"Passion Fruit"  Liquid Lip