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Friday, July 20, 2012

Rising-Up Green! Salon & Spa July Issue

 Salon & Spa Issue Going Green & Organic- learn from the best leaders in the industry to transform your business to Green. This includes all beauty businesses.  Fasten your salon chair seat belt, sit back and dream about how  your  spa  can take your customers to new levels of  spa indulgence.  If your mouth isn't watering yet, it will be by the time you settle in on EYE ON GREEN Magazine's Mid-July Fresh Green Start Special Edition.

What do you need for a Green Spa?  Here are 3 items to think about…and they are not products, they are in fact, your CIA for the Growing GREEN Salon Business.

The Beauty, the Blogger & The Biz-Relationship Maker (BRM)

The Beauty 

First, equip your spa with Beauties. Hiring stylist that have their ear to the ground on chic, and can provide savvy selling skills as well. A classy stylist is the one who does the beauty, and books the next appoint before the client heads out the door. 

Stylists Need Incentives

Give you ur stylists incentive to work with you at your salon.  Okay, I  know this is tough to keep your stylists-  but if you are educated on working with people, this should be easy to hold on to them.  Look, Listen, and help your stylist with their needs.  If you know the salon down the street is hiring new stylists at a better rate, give YOUR stylists incentive to bring you new business. Perhaps, give them 75% on any new clients they bring to your door…the “house” keeps the remainder.   Empower your indoor Beauty’s to  bring ideas  to outdoor guests. Encourage your staff to customize your store front window,  pin-up  marketing displays amd update your salon to be the “Beauty CafĂ©” in town.  Listen and let your
stylists help you!

  The Blogger 

 A good beauty blogger is becoming a sought after salon commodity.  The best part is you will NOT have to hire one.  Most likely, assessing talent and writing about beauty comes easy for most that are in the beauty business. Please use your resources that you have “in house.”  A “blogger” is a good way to keep your EYE on Beauty and Business moving on the web.  These guru bloggers can easily send out emails on specials, help with online questions, update your website, and write about industry news and manage your e-store. (see below, best items for e-salons & spas) Why hire a Store Manager? Guess what…. clients are now booking appointments and buying products online, no manager or receptionist needed! Having an onsite beauty blogger is the best choice! Get a brilliant beauty blogger. One employee for three beautiful multitasking -  gets the job done!

  Le Biz - Relationship Maker

Sounds like high-end responsibility?  It isn’t!
A Biz-Relationship Maker is a person that sniffs out biz and forms friendships.
They are the “Beauty –Bloodhounds.” They know what makes the client happy before they walk in the door.  They offer them hospitality, kindness, they also wash hair and sweep the floor, display a Service with a smile, attitude. 
Do you think that you have to hire outside to get this type of  indoor service?  No way, this incredible business guide is here everyday.  Relax – The Biz-Relationship Maker is YOU!  Believe it or not…your clients and staff needs you to show your beautiful face at the salon, to motivate, excite and believe in your dreams!

Please see my new powerful GREEN comrades! They can help you with all your green salon needs.  I am so excited about my new friends for July EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. They have amazing advice to offer, excellent connections and items that can ignite business for your onsite salon and raising the GREEN Salon Online E-stores.  

  The Magic of Selling -  Organics for Salons & Spas

 Introducing:  Mark Griffore – Sales Director – BlackBox Cosmetics
Company Name:    BLACKBOX Cosmetics
Address: | P.O. BOX 50362 | Sarasota | FL | 34232
Contact: Mark Griffore - Sales Director & Salon Consultant
BlackBox Cosmetics  Founder/CEO Kevin Evans
Phone: 989-884-0624
How long have you been in the GREEN Business?
I have over 20 years of Salon Experience in teaching technique, using and evaluating spa products and utilizing salon staff.  
I  have been with BlackBox from the beginning and have since been promoted to Sales Director in a short period of time.
I solely believe that BlackBox is the product that will change the salon industry.  There are so many products out there – when a salon  makes a “choice” to bring Organics in, choose a product that will seduce both men and women.  The products that every salon and spa needs are with BlackBox Cosmetics. 
What  is your product and why is it Different? 
 At BlackBox Cosmetics, we believe our age-reversal, skin-rejuvenating, acne treatment, sulfate/toxin free anti-oxidant, nutrient enriched shampoos & conditioners & non-toxic personal products/cosmeceuticals are in a category all by themselves. They are much higher in active compounds & nutrients, more potent, better for the environment, air & light protected, and are often considerably less expensive than some of the worst products on the market. Our packaging is unrivaled in beauty and functionality, while saving customers money with the ability to purchase refills. The products were created with both women AND men in mind. They are lightly scented with non-floral essential oils and packaged in cool black, fire red, lime green, sunset orange, frosty/midnight blue, and chrome quadrant bottles. We are confident you will agree, Cosmeceuticals by BlackBox Cosmetics are worlds apart from the competition.
Company Vision/ Motto: You can have anything in life, as along as you help others to pursue their dreams as well. I strongly believe in the “pay it forward” motto for building strong business relationships.
 EYE on Beauty reviews: Since, BlackBox came on the scene, I  have become steadily curious about their management team, company focus and goals. I was delighted to see that the company is encouraging beauty spas and salons to go Green.  But that's not all.. BlackBox has added more green (organic) products and strategic beauty players in their cosmetic arsenal.  I believe Mark Griffore  - will make BlackBox's plan explode into action. Mark has years of Salon experience thus having owned 2 salons himself. He is focused on product vs. client needs of delivering quality and results. He understands the needs of the green salon owner, and the products that will save their bottom line.  (ref EOG article) How Green Will Save Beauty's Bottom."   It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to Mark Griffore of BlackBox Cosmetics.   My readers will be hearing much more about BlackBox and their  mission of  purposeful intent for BlackBox Bursting the Salons Scene & Raising Green Products to new heights!
Visit:BLACKBOX Cosmetics  
Learn how easy it is to get VuDu  magic in your hands. For immediate results to see and start selling at your online e-store. Contact Mark or Terry at BlackBox Cosmetics  201-895-6571   Join the Eye on Beauty team with BlackBox Cosmetics  &  make real beauty happen! See BlackBox in the Below issue of  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE
write me for more info: terry@eyeonbeauty.info