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Saturday, May 26, 2012

May/June Emerald Issue

Model is wearing - "Summer Safari"  (nail color) Dazzle Dry
Presenting the "Emerald" issue is a true green delight.  There are so many vendors that I am so proud to showcase.  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE is becoming legendary.  A Green Visionary magazine that is making history. The Directory of Green vendors on the EYE ON BEAUTY website http://www.eyeonbeauty.info  is becoming a sought after resource guide. Actually, sourcing "green" just became a lot easier!  It was only 8 months ago when EYE ON GREEN was first launched.  Readers and vendors look forward to seeing their profile showcasing their green goods.  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE make green easy to see in, live in, and buy in green. This is the magazine that showcases the "new beauty" market with benefits of visibility for a lifetime! Forget about the SEO's  or high priced ad campaigns.  Supporting your green needs is very financially friendly indeed!  See showcase donation here and mini-greenpod quick link promo! http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

I love Green, I love Children
There are many people in this magazine that have inspired me.  As I said above, many people have a lot to share in the New Green Beauty Industry,  and have inspired me to write many articles. But nothing inspires more than my children.  They are the seeds that have given me the courage, and endless love to write and grow green news.  Every time I create an article it all reverts back to the same place. The future and health of my children.  I constantly think about your children as well....  Believe me, that is not a sales pitch.  There is no dollar value that is hidden inside when producing this magazine, only the value and the dream that I can help to create a better world by promoting green ways and choosing a green lifestyle in beauty as my true art.   Every message that I dare to send about "green' will be a positive and caring incite that you can bring to your life and to your children. With that said, I have designed Eco-friendly priced gifts for your children and for you to buy ,wear and view as a keepsake.  These are one-of-a-kind, hand made gifts. What you see is what you get, there is no replication or replacement for "Green" as I have said, it is easy as the word "peace." I hope you will enjoy wearing and showcasing my apparel. Spread the word about EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE , always with love. go here to see the latest  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

What's in Your Fuchsia?

I can positively tell you that botanicals are in mine. Go here to get the lip gloss http://www.zosimosbotanicals.com  Not only is this lip gloss organic - Zosimos' Fuchsia is the most radiant hue I have ever tired.  Not to mention that it goes well with Blondes; a radiant redhead, a bold brunette and even a foxy sliver can wear it!  It goes well with complexions that have blue-yellow undertones. It will definitely brighten up gray skin tones. My complexion came alive! It is a fabulous shade  - a must try! A sample at $3.00 ...what a steal! For that price, I had to try all the other shades as well in the same family of berries.  The pigment will stay on all day...and fade into a beautiful stain. Love Zosimos! NMUA go here - Zosimos is the best "Green" cosmetic secret unknown to the cosmetology world...but not for long! I see "Fuchsia" in your Future! Go for this hot color, Runway Top Quality line! Contact me Sarah or Linda to place an order and don't forget to mention eyeongreen for a discount on your order. terry@eyeonbeauty.info

Dazzle Dry - Polish with a "Purpose"

 How long are you in the GREEN Business? 
Since 1993 

 What is your GREEN product or Service?  
Currently focused on Dazzle Dry Quick-Dry Nail Polish
Company Vision: VB Cosmetics will be known globally as  manufacturer of products that uniquely perform as advertised.

Motto: Keep your focus, stick to your expertise and don't ever give up.

Optional info here In 1990 Dr. Valenty invented the UV Top Coat, a product  that dries manicures using UV light.  In 2001 she created the popular callus softener sold as Callus Eliminator intended for professional use only. 
  In 2007 Dr. Valenty launched Dazzle Dry, a quick dry nail polish system that dries rock hard in 5 minutes without the use of UV light, performs like the UV gel polishes but removes like regular polish.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Vivian on the phone.  She is a woman with a deep passion for her product.  She told me her priority is creating a product with a “purpose.”  Since I have “Dazzle Dry” there is no other nail polish that comes close to the express drying power.   The huge range of colors, is not the best part…this amazing polish does it all with no harsh chemicals. Stays chip proof and remains glossy for many days after a manicure.   Yes, it's true.  I use to get horrible head aches due to the formaldehyde fumes,… not anymore. I use to worry about using polish on my daughter. Even my little diva can paint her own nails, and so can yours.  No need to be concerned over fumes, or messy smears, Dazzle Dry dries rock hard in 5 minutes.  Using the 3 step system is an absolute pleasure! A polish with a purpose! “Thank you Vivian – for creating “Dazzle Dry” I look forward to spreading the word to the world! Dazzle Dry should be in every nail spa and in “mommy and me” purse & treat bags!”  ~ Terry Ruvo
Go here  http://www.dazzledry.com  Are you interested in learning more, contact terry@eyeonbeauty.info

How to Bring "GREEN" 2 Beauty

Are you graduating from cosmology school, setting up your own shop in town or selling beauty on the web?  Are you wondering what will be the next trend, or beauty breakthrough? Have you thought about what will set your business above the rest?  and of course, what will bring you the  most ROI?  (return on investment)  How about having the client finesse skills that retain and bring future clientele. Overwhelmed?  I don't blame you. 

First, lets talk about the "beauty market" if you will. The customer dictates the new "flavor" for beauty.  Since, I have been keeping my EYE ON BEAUTY, including color trends, fashion, style, haircare, I can identify that the customer is looking for "science" to bring back natural beauty to cosmetics.  So what does this mean to you as a hair stylist, colorist or makeup artist?  As an artist myself, I can safely say that "color" will come and go, trends and fads will be buried and resurrected forever, but one thing is for sure, the "green" beauty customer is looking for safer, non-toxic, high quality home grown beauty from "botanicals" not from the "bottle."  I am so passionately engrossed on educating young women and men on researching and buying safer products for home and professional use.  This is not a trend.  Bringing Green to Beauty is now becoming a "Lifestyle" for many.  This idea is based on health and well-being for the betterment of society to live a "richer" and greener" life.  If you take your health seriously then take your beauty seriously...and go green.

How You Can Bring GREEN 2 Beauty 

 I have now created a resource of professionals that do just that. They Bring  natural green and Organic beauty to makeup artist, hair stylist cosmologist and skincare professionals. There is a huge network of "green beauty formulators" that no one knows about.  They hide in their labs; intoxicating themselves with the goodness of beauty in nature and bring pleasure to all that seek to  find natural ways to exfoliate skin, clear acne scars, or envelope their body in organic essential oils.  I call them the GBU's   (Green Beauty Underground)  A network of natural beauty pioneers.

Green Connections - Strong Roots

My second recommendation to pull-forward in the green organic cosmetic industry would be to form connections.  There are so many great "green" resources out there. Get on LinkedIn! Join Salons Going Green, Organic Beauty, Green Beauty,Cosmetic Storm...so many more that you will find.  Many professionals can give you a wealth of info or advice... and will be pleased to do it!  Please "Tweet" yourself to me and connect with many professionals in the same beauty game. Get me here:  terry6106    Facebook is okay.....if you are a social "butterfly" beauty. Not recommend for serious business minds....sorry FB fans! If you must, fly here: http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Ruvo/100001225104189  Bird's with "green" feathers flock together.  The Green Vendor Network list is on my webpage. go to http://www.eyeonbeauty.info   click on Green Directory tab - Any colleagues that you choose to contact are ready to help out.  I am sure they will give you a discount on any purchases you make.  Don't forget to say:  "EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE" referred you!

My Next recommendation, and I believe most important,  would be to follow http://www.terryseyeongreenmag.blogspot.com 
I write a new issue every month exposing readers to green and organics in the beauty industry. All vendors in the magazine donate to "green" beauty and get a free listing in the magazine and on my personal website directory list. Soak yourself  silly in the free visibility and benefits. All vendors in the magazine can supply any large or small , start-up business,  meet and exceed all beauty requirements for your spa or salon. Contact them directly and say you saw them in EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. Eye on Beauty  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info
is an online Natural Beauty Boutique showcasing "paraben and cruelty free" beauty.  All cosmetics are non-toxic and are available to purchase in large quantities for your shop. Any purchase gets free goodies in the mail and a "Q&A" tip on beauty.

My Greatest Green Comrades

...Are all located in EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE - they are  "green" front-runners in the cosmetic industry. Their passion for "green" beauty science is making history.  They are the driving force behind my business as a "green" beauty cosmetic professional, writer and resource point person.  Shop with confidence. Connect and continue to bring Green Beauty to your future. Green Beauty is here to stay.  My prediction: Green Beauty will be the next organic "cash cow" of the future. It will make history - Green/Organic Beauty is linked to health care and well being. An "A" Lister on priority for all that are concerned and want better-safer products in beauty. Get on board and start you green-root connections with the best in the business! Get a Free review of your green products and a lifetime of rewards when you donate to EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE write me with interest: terry@eyeonbeauty.info

 "Small changes today reflect in big transformations for tomorrow." ~ Terry Ruvo CEO/publisher

 The PRIORITY Beauty Company

Company Name   Apriori Beauty
Contact person: Kathleen Michaud Phone: 603-505-1686
How long are you in the GREEN Business? The company has been about 4 years.  I became an Independent Consultant only a few short months ago.
What is your GREEN product or Service?
Organic, all natural skincare products.  We also have an elixir used to treat skin from the inside out.
Company Vision/Motto: Beauty through pure product Innovation
Beauty through building relationships
Beauty that comes from personal success
Personal info/but not required:  We also are Involved with http://www.apriority.org/ ; I love the fact that It's women helping women across America.

Kathleen Michaud says:  "I truly would LOVE for you to develop the same passion I share with this company.  With your contacts you could do very well as a consultant!  I'd love to share this Information with you, but first you must try the product.  Look for It In your mailbox."
Eye on Beauty reviews:
Apriori Beauty is a unique system. It consolidates a 5-step easy skincare system.  The 5-step six product system for face works at the cellular level to reduce signs of aging and works beneath cells and protects from oxidative stress.  In fact, I was amazed at the super-antioxidant juice blend that was provided in my apriori beauty package.  The Liquid vitamin, lifeoxylin elixir, delivers internally the nutrients that combats four signs of aging."It has a pleasant taste, and I used it in combination with my daily supplements.  I loved it!"  Along with Apriori’s proactive skincare system the company also has an easy 5-step business plan for you to benefit when selling their products.  For less < than - $ 100.00 you can have your own Apriori skincare business! “Apriori is a priority business to learn on the “green” skincare line of Beauty!”  Terry Ruvo
Please contact Kathleen Michaud for information at the above link and phone number.

BEAUTY steals are GOLDEN!

Everyone wants a Steal!  A great buy is "golden." Beauty at unbelievable prices. Organic and Natural Brands are hot! Where do you find them?  Start with EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE directory list  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info
All cosmetics are "paraben and cruelty free!"  Would you like a listing? write to terry@eyeonbeauty.info or join and follow this blog.

Top Right (compact includes brush)

"18K Gold" Shimmer Powder
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Bottom Right:
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