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Monday, April 23, 2012

Take 10 lbs off

That stubborn 10 lbs can be a real pain in the A**. Especially if most of your weight seems to hibernate in the "rear" view mirror.  Sticking to a diet can be  sickening....  If I can, I try to eat healthy everyday. This is a tough task  since  I have a "carb tooth".  The carb tooth can be just a disastrous as a "sweet tooth"....ughhhh!   Although I have discovered, if I stick to some basic food groups, such as plants and whole grains - I maybe able to vanquish my closet-eating carb urge and let go of some extra lbs. Here is my first "green" healthy recipe to do just that.

The Green and White Burrito

You Will Need:  low fat or whole grain soft taco shells. 1 can of chicken broth,  1 Can of white beans,  1 bag of spinach.  1 bag of Romain Lettuce, 1 bag of low fat Mexican shredded cheese.

* in a small sauce pan saute 1/2 of white beans & 1/2 cup of spinach  in chicken broth. bring to a slight boil. Add 1 tsp of EVO and remove from burner. Set to the side.

* in a small frying pan. place burrito in pan and drizzle EVO on both sides.  Slightly brown burrito and add 1/4 of Mexican cheese blend, 1/2 of sauteed beans and spinach. Then, fold the burrito over.

Sprinkle a hand full of lettuce on top and serve warm.   Calories  310

Stay tuned - I will teach you how to use the same ingredients for a new "green" recipe