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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Green-Up Your Makeup!

Butternut Bronzer
When people think of "green" then tend to think of the economy or ecology, and how to make our environment an "Eco-friendly" paradise. While I believe this mind-set is so important, I think that one should recognize and consider buying "green" products with their cosmetics choices.  There has been a host of information regarding popular retail brands as loading lipsticks with undesirable ingredients such as lead.  Since there is no way of knowing the amount of lead in lipsticks - lets just say we should look at the labels of all of our cosmetics before you purchase.  The "Buzz" words are as such: Parabens, Phthlates, Formaldehyde, BHA, Oxybenzone, Fragrance. Are all ingredients to avoid.  As I am a heavy user of cosmetics and skincare, this information is most important to me. Heavy and overall accumulation in the bloodstream can have serious side effects. Since there is cancer risks in my family history, my motto has always been "less is more."

Let's get to the  good stuff!

Zosimos Botanicals makes fresh cosmetics for every order. A couple of recommendations of how to "green-up your makeup" would be to buy samples of color from their organic selection of beauty.  With 261 samples at 3.00 each, you can't go wrong. I love the mini-prep primer that they offer, mini-lipsticks..and so much more.  Enjoy 10% off use coupon code eyeongreen when you buy reg size items. See (top) Butternut Bronzer.  Skincare Starter set for only $30.00 (bottom)


Skincare Starter Set  $30.00