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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Year Younger Lips

"Flip Flop"
As I get into my 40's or should I say...well into my 40's - I can tell you that "less is more." I am a minimalist at heart.  I get along best with comfort colors that are...muted and shy.  Ashy lips are not recommended for ashy grayish skin-tones,,,you will blend into the woodwork.  I had to rethink my color selection to look as youthful as possible.  Our lips tend to loose collagen and color just as our complexion do when we age.   I had to push the envelop with my own inner fear of looking like "Bozo the clown Lips"... Then I found the perfect golden/peach that looks best on my lips and works well on my clients.  It's a number #1 best seller due to it's color.  The pleasing price won't hurt your lips eighter....but it is not the best part.  This color is compared to "Peachstock" lip glass by M.A.C, with a bit of shimmer.    Eye on Beauty's "Flip flop" is not a lipstick or a gloss - it's a balm...actually, THE BALM! It contains the best nutrients to hydrate lips, plus it feels weightless. You can only purchase at http://www.eyeonbeauty.info , this is not a label that is sold in stores and there are No parabens at all in it!  - which I can not say about high-priced retails brands - and only $12.00 Free Ship.  Bask in this sun! "Flip Flop" color will emphasize your tan and brighten ashy complexions like no-other.  A peachy/golden pearl.  Shine and be the envy of all the "Beach Bums!" Go to the Right hand side of this page and click on "Flip Flop."  Order and have it for the beach in 1 week!