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Sunday, April 22, 2012

10 Year Younger Legs

 No cruel summer here – Highlight and give your legs back their youth! First, try an “A” line skirt or mid-thigh mini dress.  The bottom of the dress needs to be loosely, draping the upper thigh. The “A” line dress is comfortable and shape flattering. It is a universal look that works for many.
Now, the easy part…  Take  years and pounds off your legs, without killing yourself at the gym.  Of course, this is the best illusion of all. Even Houdini would be impressed!  But you don’t have to be Houdini to pull-it-off.  The magic trick to erasing varicose veins, uneven toned puckering skin is in the  “spray tan!” Get those stems organically sprayed!  A professional application is best - or a do-it-yourself at home is easy and inexpensive.   Try Tan-Organic  $19.00  get 10% off , mention, eyeongreen  magazine at check out. Go to the long lovely legs to the right of this blog and get your discount.

Naturelle d’Argan offers a “Sublime Radiance Glittering Dry Oil.  Light fragrance pearlized oil will make your legs look younger and touchable.  I recommend dabbing this oil down your shins, highlight your shoulders and décolleté. Get $30.00 off your $60.00 order and Free Shipping over $80.00 . See ad for Naturelle d’Argan to the right of this page.

10 year younger legs are yours, Just Jump to it!