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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Organics 2 Love in February!

 Is your heart in GREEN? Magic happens for all that are linked up to EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE.  GREEN makes magic for those who believe in it! Feel the GREEN in your MIND, BODY & Soul! There are several ways to keep yourself healthy. Some ways are not always obvious.  This issue I focus energies on mind, body and soul health. There are many ways to give yourself a meta- physical well-being lift. Choosing Organics for your bath and beauty cosmetics are a good way to start.  Members of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE are doing just that.  Let's get the energy going - Get seduced by Epiphany Beauty, Relish  your body in  Batteur  USA, Naturelle d'Argan Oil, Grab a buzz from BEEcology,  wrap your arms around Beyond Organics Skincare, LTD.  If you are not linkedIn to EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE - you can share the love in your heart. Next month, be sure to spread your love in March  in Organics - get listed. Contact: terry@eyeonbeauty.info
T'is the GIFT to be Simple and GREEN - one of a kind perfume oils natural, no synthetics, no dyes, just pure beauty for an original genuine Valentines day gift that says "love" from the heart. Buy today to  receive before February 14th.  EYE On Beauty presents..."Ruby" and her baby sister "Bella"  The artwork and the ornamental necklace will "wow" you along with a definitive and originality in fragrance. The necklaces displayed are FREE gifts with a purchase of a perfume.
There is only 1 LOVE and only 1 RUBY -
Enjoy the fragrance, capture her love!

Eye on Beauty presents "RUBY"....

Wood & Brass Mermaid Necklace
EYE ON BEAUTY has one limited edition perfume to offer under specialty gifts.  RUBY is a limited edition perfume oil that is derived from two organic essential oils. Apricot and  Jasmine. These oils when placed on the pulse points will entice the senses for love.  There is only one love and one "Ruby"Enjoy, Adora and share.   Go here http://www.eyeonbeauty.info   Enjoy your LOVE with RUBY  1/2 oz  bottle.  $15.00 

"BELLA" - Naturally made and beautifully blended oils jasmine & lavender

"BELLA" 5ml  $10.00

Flower charm w/blue glass


Gotta LOVE those BEES!

Company Name: Beecology
Contact Person: Amy Rzepka
Website: www.beecology.com
email: amy@beecology.com
216-789-2710 (Cell)
How long are are you in the Green Business:  7 Years
What is your Green product or Service? We are beekeepers who produce eco-friendly, natural bath and body care.
New products in the future: Foaming soap, a new lip balm
Company Vision: Beecentric Care for People who Care
 More on Beecology: My husband David and I  are beekeepers. We started making natural bath and beauty products when we had excess beeswax. We wanted to have products that were safe and good for our family and friends. Everyone enjoyed them so much, they urged us to try and sell them—and that’s what we are doing.  We started our business in our basement and now have a warehouse where we produce and ship our products. Our kid’s are also involved with Beecology; it has brought us closer as a family! We donate 10% of our net profits to our consumer’s choice of charity; all of our products have a code on them—customer’s can enter the number on our site and choose where their donation should go.
Eye on Beauty - Beecology has a huge product line to offer from head to toe! Their website and philosophy is so “Green” and enlightening – one must get to know this “Award Winning” company. Buying beauty for the entire family or gifts that are so reasonably priced –  Vendors get your  buzz with Beecology!  Wholesale prices  to offer Beecology at your store. Honey is a rich resource and a gift that has been given to us.  With so many ways to use honey in health care and in beauty, you have to love those Bees at Beecology~  Terry Ruvo

Crème de le Crème  - Spa Experience!

Company Name:    Group Batteur USA, Inc.
Contact: Emmanuelle Colliot: Phone:  512-329-2017 

How long are you in the GREEN Business?  10 years
 What is your GREEN product or Service? The argan brands are Naturelle d’Argan and Naturelle d’Orient
 Company Vision/philosophy: All Batteur products are rich in 100% pure argan. We manufacture unscented argan oil and this allows us to use the highest concentration and therefore to have the greatest effectiveness.
Our charity (named HOPE) in Morocco provides for the well being of entire communities and guaranties the sustainable harvesting and production of this 100% pure deodorized argan oil.
Eye on Beauty CEO says -  Batteur products are remarkable. I enjoyed using non-scented Argan oil for skincare. It is a delight to offer non-secented alternative to clients. As I relished my hands in their Argan oil Jasmine hand crème, consistency is light and mildly scented while providing “golden” benefits. The hand crème holds moisture even after consecutive hand washing.  I used the comfort crème before a settled into bed. I had a gorgeous peaceful sleep…amazing. Batteur is #1 in France and I suspect it will become the #1 brand in the US. The Argan oil is of the highest quality. I recommend Day Spas, Masseuses, any professional that wants to offer holistic spa remedies to get on board with this team.  Batteur has an affiliate program and so  many ways to benefit by using their product.

Batteur gets a 5 star rating!  Batteur is #1 in France.  Turn your day spa into the Ultimate Spa Experience. Naturelle d'Argan is the crème de le crème!" ~ Terry Ruvo
 I recommend ordering the MASSAGE GEL by Naturelle d'Orient   they BLACK SOAP by Naturelle d'Orient   and GREEN TEA & MINT SHAMPOO by Naturelle d'Orient
Contact Emmanulle and he will be delighted to send you samples. Enjoy!
Embrace Your Beauty in 3D

Company Name: Epiphany Beauty
Contact person: Debra
Phone: 516-320-3838
Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business?
We developed our first organic fragrance and body line ‘Huntress, by Epiphany’ in November 2011.
 What is your GREEN product or Service?
Epiphany Beauty is the product division to our company 3D Beauty Consulting (3DBC, LLC): Our Coaching and Workshop Packages offer women a 360 degree, holistic approach to beauty transformation. We give women customized makeovers in the areas of Beauty, Mind and Soul. Our Soul level beauty products help women reconnect with their inner and outer beauty. Beauty is for women at every age!
Our first organic product launch is Huntress, by Epiphany. The full line is comprised of a Fragrance, a Sugar Scrub, a Lotion, an Essential Roll On and a Soy Candle that transforms into a luxurious massage oil.
On February 9, 2012 we launched our Huntress Stiletto – The Huntress Fragrance in a Pamela Quinzi designed Shoe Case for the fragrance. The Huntress Stiletto is a collaboration of experts from the Fashion and Beauty industries and where High End Fashion meets Soul Level Beauty. You can learn more about The Huntress Stiletto and the collaboration on http://www.epiphanyb.com
New Products in the future? We will be developing two more lines that compliment soul level beauty within the next year.
Company Vision: Epiphany Beauty, Your Moment of Clarity. "Glamour is attitude, Radiate from within."
Our Philosophy: Epiphany Beauty is your moment of clarity. Our products match your mood -taking care of your skin and helping you to extend your comfort zone and connect you with your core self.

Mission Statement:
Huntress, by Epiphany Beauty. A Division of 3DBC, LLC.
‘The most powerful woman is a woman who is strong, but also has the capacity to be vulnerable and feminine.’  ~Huntress, by Epiphany
Goddess Diana , Roman Goddess of The Hunt doesn’t leave one stone unturned. She always creates an opportunity to find what she is looking for.  The Huntress fragrance and body line starts with top notes of citrus that blend into a peony, rose and dries down into a warm amber. The Huntress scent captures the confident, modern woman who is savvy and sexy all in one.

Eye on Beauty CEO says -   The power of 3 remarkable sisters touched me on twitter.  They are already legendarily!  Every month the energy that is created from my magazine has pulled  3 amazing women to join on my plight on reinventing beauty as we know it.  Women have the power to impact beauty in a powerful and positive way for our new generation.
As Eye on GREEN goes forward I am happy to bring along 3 new friends on an impactful and beautiful journey!  ~ Terry Ruvo


Beyond Your Wildest Organic Dreams 

#1 best seller
Company Name:  Beyond Organic Skincare Ltd
CEO/Founder:  Marianne Tregoning
Address:  Isel Barn, Bosahan Farm, Trewardreva, FALMOUTH, Cornwall TR11 5QB. UK
Phone: 0845 500 3550 (or from outside UK +441326 341088).
Website: http://www.beyondorganicskincare.com


Organic Skincare has been in business 6 years (Marianne, the Founder has been involved in Green Business and Green Issues for over 20 years).
Our Green Product is:  Skin care Products/Beauty Products/Anti-Aging Products; 100% Natural, certified organic, multi-award winning.  We offer Purity with Performance.
New Products coming VERY soon:  SPF Moisturiser, Tinted SPF Moisturiser, Skin Lightener (all natural).
Company Vision:  To continue to provide the best and purist skin products with respect for your skin and respect for the planet.
Motto:  Purity with Performance
Contact Person:  Marianne Tregoning or Cheryl Truscott.
Additional Info:
A large percentage of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body (as much as 60% and for babies it can be a lot higher).
 It therefore makes sense to put nothing on your skin that you would not eat or drink.
 In the UK alone we spend £1.2 – up to 5 Billion on cosmetics each year – most of that spend could be making you ill. Not only are these bad for you, they are also bad for Mother Earth.  Most of them are not biodegradable.
 Parabens is one of the worst offenders – and this is even in toothpaste and Baby products.  Traces of parabens were found in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumours. So PLEASE do use an organic deodorant free of parabens.
unisex pamper pack

Another ‘naughty’ is talcum powder – with 75 out of 100 ovarian tumours containing this substance. 
Sodium lauryl sulfates and sodium laureth sulphates (SLS and SLES) are very irritant and possibly carcincogenic.  They are both foaming agents found is shampoos and soaps.
Pearlising agents found in some foundations and moisturisers are Bismuth Oxychloride which is a bi-product of lead and copper can cause severe allergic reactions.  Whilst on the subject of lead – this is present in most children’s face paint.
 The good news is that natural skin care – especially certified organic – not only does not contain these nasties, but works naturally and in synergy with your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing. 
Eye on Beauty CEO says:  This is truly an amazing company. "Award winning, organic beauty care, wide range, online purchasing power!  Check out  - Organic" Nappy Rash Cream Happy Baby." http://www.beyondorganicskincare.com/productdisplay.php?id=192 
and the "Unisex Pamper Pleaser" for your February or any day Spa Holiday!  ~ Terry Ruvo