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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coco-Lemon Body Creme Organic!

This is the first offer for "Smooth Talk'in Organics."  Need a lift? Need some smooth? Try this recipe for your body - From your shoulders to your toes!  Coconut adds warmth with essential oils, Almond, Apricot, vanilla spice and a touch of lemon is a mood-lifting experience!
A small sample, will make you want more...try Coco-Lemon body creme by EYE ON BEAUTY.  The blended sample will come perfectly wrapped in a delicate shaped pill balm container.  Petite for your purse to discreetly whip it out in the office or in public for emergency smooth skin enhancing effect! Not only for your mind & body, for your feet as well! Massage well into your feet and hands. Lemon-lift  is relaxing as well as refreshing Only $3.00 for this sample. (includes shipping) Get it FREE will any EYE ON BEAUTY Purchase.  Write: terry@eyeonbeauty.info
order here: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info