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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Toes say .."ahhh" - to Argan oil

Mara Kesh Select 100% Argan Oil
Golden Remedy of  Uses!
I have written many times about the amazing Argan Oil for hair and skin care. Here is another use for the Golden Oil. Go here to buy 100% organic Argan oil products from Mara Kesh Select  http://www.superiormoroccanoil.com  coupon code TR001 $2.90

For Your Mani -
Our nails tend to get dry and brittle during the winter months. Just as our hair tends to dry out and dull - our nails and cuticles re-act the same to dry temperatures. Nails tend to break, crack, cuticles tend to dry and skin is flaky.  Argan oil will soften dry cuticles & skin while retaining moisture. I discovered a great way to use this oil during a mani and pedi.  First warm up a dish of warm water. Place 1-2 drop of Argan oil in warm water. Place fingers in for 3-5 minutes.  After your spa mani is completely dried, use 1-2 drops on cuticles. Too oily…cut it with 4 drops of water and massage into cuticles all over hands and forearms.  Relaxing, and hands are soft and lightly scented.
For Your Pedi -
Toes say “ahh” to  Argan Oil as well. Use the same technique for a pedicure.  A warm basin of water using the golden oil is on my  to-do list for a relaxing foot soak!

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