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Thursday, January 12, 2012

DID U Know..about the FREEBIES!

ANYTIME you order from EYE ON BEAUTY you get a FREEBIE with your order?  Yes, its true..just to say "thank you" for your order and being included in the "green" and "natural" way to beauty. You can receive any freebie, like a lip carry case, a sweet charm for your phone, or a mani/pedi kit....so what are you waiting for?  Order up....EYE ON BEAUTY wants you to know, how grateful I am to do business with you!
#1 Lip cremes are offered on EYE ON BEAUTY - where pretty is "paraben free!" Colors below are rated number #1 by my customers! Best quality for color on a non-toxic lip creme and a free ship!
Special gifts are also eco-friendly t0o! Check it out

#1 Best seller! "Mercy" lip creme

"Passion Fruit" Lip gloss
#1 Multiple for Eyes, Lips, face "Sunset Strip"