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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Best Green Beauty Top 12

The information in this magazine is copyrighted by: Terry Ruvo - Publisher of EYE On GREEN Magazine.
 A sneak peek for the 2011 Best in Body Year brake-down...or should I say "show-down!"  It is never a competition here in EYE on GREEN - all of my vendors are green and organic! They offer salons, spas, and their clients the best and the better in alternative safer cosmetics for skincare, hair care and personal body care. Indulge in the festivities for choosing a organic and "greener" lifestyle for 2012! Cheers and stay tuned for more EYE ON GREEN Year in the Best of Organics! http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

First, A "Green thought" from the Publisher - Terry Ruvo

Greedy Society -   Cold Holiday at Heart 
GREED is one word that I dislike when describing the holidays. Not only is "Greed" evident in our daily lives, it has tarnished and diminished the true meaning of the holiday spirit.  We all know that we live in a self-centered society with meaningless materialist ways of living and thinking.  So, as I sit warm in my home, drinking hot cocoa, I can not disregard the coldness of the holidays at heart. We sense it - even in  “our own backyards.”  Every year I take this time to recap and rediscover the goodness that is still “green” in my heart and life. I walk in the “other mans shoes” – humanity, that is not as fortunate as I, and is hardly “warm” enough for the holidays.  This is how I cleanse my body, mind and soul.  For me, this is the one way; I refresh my senses for the New Year.  I am thankful for my family and my new friends in EYE ON GREEN Magazine.  There is no greed -only Green here -  only generosity and heart warming caring. Educating for all that seek a “greener” walk of life.
May 2012 Bring you warmth and kindness and many blessings!
~ Terry Ruvo – Publisher of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. Any client that purchases from Eye on Beauty gets FREE Shipping for December!  Cosmetics should be the one luxury item to enjoy with no worries - and no extra shipping fees!  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

This month of December I have received many requests on featuring the best 12 Beauty items of the year. For the October launch of EYE ON GREEN I gave a serving of outstanding Green beauty that covered cosmetics as well trimming down your waste line in an Eco-friendly way.  For November's issue I reviewed and used green personal care products that gave me beautiful salon results.  The first 2 issues of  EYE ON GREEN gave many viewers an eyeful of fresh and clean cosmetics many of which can be incorporated  into a "greener" lifestyle.

Atmosphere Essentials - Staten Is, NY

Founder/CEO Antonio Sciortino and Lisa Marie Giuressi

One of my favorite body/spa products that I tried was Atmosphere Essentials  (AE's Body) Scrub in Grape Seed.  "It was pleasantly scented, refreshing.... and out of this world amazing! I will insist that my local spa uses AE's Grape Seed Body Scrub at my next visit!"  Terry Ruvo 
Contact (AE ) below and get a spa/body gift for yourself today. Show your local spa the scrubs that organic and green spas are raving about!


Anya’s Garden Perfumes  -  Miami Shores, FL.
Founder/CEO contact person  ;Anya McCoy

 From Anya's profile. She says: "100% natural perfume, made only with natural aromatics and organic grain alcohol.  No synthetic fragrances, parabens or phathalates or other synthetic extenders and plasticizers found in mainstream perfumes.  Many of the aromatics in my perfumes are made by me, by hand, from exotic flowers and plants I grow in my organic garden in Miami.  Wildcrafted and organic aromatics are used as much as possible."

If I ever decide to market a signature perfume for EYE ON BEAUTY, I will have Anya formulate it.  Just by speaking with Anya, I beleive she is an expert in the craft of perfume making and It would be my honor to put her name on my perfume products. Thank you Anya for making me part of your beautiful scented world. Visit Anya here: http://anyasgarden.com


Vitale Skin- GREEN skincare
Founder/CEO & Contact:   Shelly Albreht-Floyd

From their website:
Vitale Skin offers the FIRST & ONLY Wheatgrass Skincare on the market to date! Our simple to use 3 step system is paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free plant/mineral derived and vegan friendly. We love animals,  that is why we are Guardian Members of the ASPC

I enjoyed using the 3 step system that Vitale Skin offers.  As a young adult, I never suffered from problem skin. Since the solution is gentle and oil free, it is safe and effective for all to use at any age.  The scent is so light and refreshing - I looked forward to using it twice daily for cleansing. Vitale skin is giving the competition a "run for their money"...and the solution of Vitale Skin is running "free and clear!"
Go here and see the difference   http://www.vitaleskincare.com/
Mara Kesh Select Superior Moroccan  100% Organic Argan Oil  Northville, MI
Founder/CEO Maria Mattina
I can't say or write enough about Mara Kesh - Superior Moroccan oil. This will be the new "go to" product for hair. Harvested from the Argan tree in Morocco, it is 100% Organic and has a multitude of uses. Salons and Spas need to take advantage of this golden oil select samples price at $2.90. click link here: http://www.superiormoroccanoil.com . Use my coupon code: TR001  when ordering. The drop menu will have my code to get the samples at the special price.  I discover uses for this superior oil every day.
applying Argan oil to ends
Using the oil as a spa scalp treatment, is only one select secret it harbors. I use it daily applying the oil to the ends of my hair. It gives my dry ends a luxurious golden shine. I recently have added it to my makeup foundation. A little "golden drop" has diminished my fine lines around my eyes and has softened my complexion and texture. It has healed my skin back to rejuvenated youthfulness. I saw immediate results. Mara Kesh 100% Organic Argan oil  - is the "fountain of  Youth." I beleive that we will be seeing more of this product in a multitude of ways for reclaiming skins beauty.. But don't forget...Mara Kesh Select is 100% Organic.... Superior in my Eyes! Get your samples today and enjoy the gifts the "golden oil" has to offer.  http://www.superiormoroccanoil.com

Eye On Beauty  - WESTWOOD, NJ    Founder/Publisher Terry Ruvo               http://www.eyeonbeauty.info                                                                       
 GET Your GOLD On this Season!
Sunset Strip $20.00 FREE Ship
I have received many requests to feature a favorite cosmetic item for the holidays.  This was a hard task for me since I have many great products that I use daily.  However, the product that is spot lighted for the very best is Eye On Beauty's -  "Enlightened," 3-way multiple.  I offer this multiple in 2 colors: "Enlightened" (light sheer rosy glow) "Sunset Strip" (Bronze glow) Since I am a blond, "Enlightened" works best for my skin tone. Mostly, I use it on my T-Zone area as a highlighter. This purse -size multiple can be applied to the eyes, lips and face. It is a fantastic must -have 3- way companion for my purse. I use it for all seasons. Works best in cold months on my cheeks for a refreshing warm glow.  Women of color love "Sunset Strip" adds warmth while complementing skin texture and tone.
Completely waterproof and smudge proof as a beach-goer as well.  This is just one of my #1 products to add sheer sparkle to your Holiday giving or to your own Stocking- Stuffer!  Pretty fabulous as well as "paraben." free.   Only a few available, order here: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

It Works Global  -   FL
Ultimate Body Applicator
Founder: Director of Marketing Pam Sowder, CEO Mark Pentacost
From the time of its inception in 2001, It Works Global has dedicated itself to providing professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at affordable prices. Today we proudly offer the highest quality nutritional supplements, exclusive anti-aging solutions, and our internationally famed Ultimate Applicator Cosmetic System. Our responsibility to the consumer is always our top priority, and we believe our greatest strength is reflected in the lockstep relationship between our pursuit to provide you with life-changing products and our principled approach to business practices and product development.
 "The Ultimate Body Applicator really works. Do you want to firm up before and after the holidays? Safe and easy! This is the product!" - Terry Ruvo
Website: www.losein45.com


 Yester Year Soap Company  Ashland, MS
Founder/CEO Cindy O’Neil
Website http://www.yesteryearsoap.com
                                                     From Their Website:
Because sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Why use complicated, harsh chemicals when you can capture the nutritive powers of plants, herbs, botanical extracts and essential oils to enhance health and deliver vital nutrients?
Your body exists in a delicate balance which must be maintained and protected for proper health and vitality. Using beneficial and natural ingredients in your personal care routine is the first step in ensuring that your system is not overburdened. YesterYear is pleased to offer new alternatives to a more natural lifestyle.  "I love these soaps! Smooth texture lightly scented, an amazing shower bath experience." ~Terry Ruvo ~   See a variety of select gifts for him & her http://www.yesteryearsoap.com


 Black Box Cosmetics  Sarasota, FL
 Founder/CEO - Kevein B. Evans
Contact: Neil Hunter
From their website: Cosmeceuticals by Black Box Cosmetics are revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with the most highly effective and non-toxic/paraben free products available. The Most Advanced Age-Reversing Cosmeceuticals in the World!  "Products that are making a difference for safe skincare are with Black Box Cosmetics. I enjoyed using the the "Sea Mask" and  "Little Secret Weapon" eye cream.  The items  are enticing as well as they are beautifully packaged. Skincare is lightly scented...rich in nutrients.  You will love Black Box Cosmetics  as much as I do."  ~Terry Ruvo~
Contact: Neil Hunter for Samples - be included in skincare that is changing beauty history!

EYE on Beauty WESTWOOD, NJ    Founder/Publisher Terry Ruvo        
 Lip Service in Season for all
Flip Flop
 The #1 question that I get asked for holiday lips... "What color is best for the season and will it look good on me?"  Typically, I avoid giving a "ginger bread" answer...because "ginger" may not be the desired taste for all. The same goes for lipstick, lip cremes, or the balms.  There are so many "pallets" for lip color.   The right color or texture is just the "tip of the iceberg." Let's see if I can chisel way down to two most important aspects. First, color vs. texture.  Picking the right shade is most important as the color should be used in all seasons - not just holidays.  Deciding on coverage won't make a difference if the color is wrong for your completion. There are three most important colors that all women should have in their makeup arsenal.  The 3p's  - The Pinks, The Peaches & The Plums.  EYE On Beauty offers these all season dazzlers at an affordable price of $12.00 - includes shipping .  There is no other lip creme out there that is "paraben & cruelty" free for this price...The Lip Service is lasting on the Lips and never on the hips.... no-fail-no guilt  - just color.  Check out EYE On Beauty's cosmetic line here:  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info 

Beauti Control  - Palm Springs, CA
Founder/CEO Gary Jones
Contact person: Marcy Slemp

 BC Facial Spa –  Science meets Spa with BeautiControl's new highly scientific skin care collection. Our most technologically-advanced ingredients will give you smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin than ever before. Your  personalized skin care regimen, in 5 easy steps.  Rapid, visible results, Free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances
Dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested, and never tested on animals.
"Marcy sent me Beauti Conrol “Defend and Restore” night crème.  I loved the texture and feel of the crème. Very light, seeps into the skin effortlessly, no residue. I will enjoy using this product and look forward to the benefits. “ Marcy, Thank you for sharing Beauti Control with me. This is Beauti  and it’s in MY Control. ~ Terry Ruvo ~

Please place your order with Marcy Slemp. - She will educate  and plan a skincare regime that will fit your  needs for life. http://www.beautipage.com/marcy_slemp/_

Eye On Beauty - Westwood NJ
Founder/Terry Ruvo

Natural Beauty - Ready To Wear

Hope Necklace
There is something about wood that fascinates me.  The richness of pine, the warmth of a cedar closet...there is nothing like natural wood.  My most favorite wood necklace  was a carved cross that my father made for me out of an oak tree branch. He tied a cord to the top and I wore it around my neck. I still have it over twenty five years passed. Beautiful, and natural, as the hands that made it for me.  Since, then I was always attached to wood. I have designed a simple shoe-string wood bead necklace.  Because of its simplicity, there is a huge attraction to it.  Handmade and ready to wear in all seasons and will never go out of style.  Men, women ,children and teens enjoy wearing it as a  necklace or bracelet.  Priced at $10.00 each with a free ship. When ordering  please note for a guy/girl. Guys will receive earth-tone beads. Women will receive earth tone  beads with a ornate flower bead in the center. A "Portion of proceeds will go to the poorest part of Africa. I am in the process of looking for a foundation." Terry Ruvo - Founder EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE
To purchase go here: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info