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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Green Tip Holiday Lash! Fake the faux

Around the holiday's we look to take short cuts. We are rushing about trying to save time, even when beauty calls!  I love the fake lash look, but refuse to wear the Faux. I have a lot of clients asking me about "lashes". How to apply mascara and what is the best application trick that I can offer. I really don't believe in lash extensions and I refuse to wear "stick-on's"/Faux" - therefore, I have devised a new technique on applying mascara. I am going to share my 1-2-3 steps for a feathery and flattering lashes that are all "yours!" First, grab your eyelash curler - then the key to faking the "Fauxies" is "Tipping" the tops of  lashes. Hold the wand at a  30 degrees, straight down. Then follow through by grabbing lashes from the bottom and pulling up to the top, giving them a "wiggle." Lashes  need drying time between coats. For a lush look...3x coats of mascara is best. For a lighter look, use one coat and a brownish/black color. Give a "pop" to your eyes by adding a "contrasting" color to rims. Going for a  natural "big lash" look is one that I like best. Highlight brow bone with a bit of warm golds/Ambers tend to look good on all skin tones. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info