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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eden's Green Apple - A Snippet Article

This article was written and copyrighted by Terry Ruvo – publisher for EYE ON GREEN Magazine http://www.terryseyeongreenmag.blogspot.com  Other material used for article is at this link http://motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2011/11/theres-arsenic-your-kids-apple-juice

What happened to Eden’s Apple?
The apple – has been getting some “rotten” reviews.  Eve  - ate the “forbidden” fruit in the Garden of Eden and changed mortality as we know it. However, we should not betray the “apple” for all of the nutrition benefits that it provides. The apple is providing us very wholesome news – actually, in my opinion, it should be re-instated in the “Nutritional Bible Book of Facts”.  Let’s slice up the apple for all the good, all the bad and the very rotten. 
Get the “Juice” on the Apple of today.
First, what happed to Apple Juice?  Did you know that - The FDA currently does not regulate arsenic levels in fruit juices? …WHAT! – This is outrageous! Apple juice is the “go to beverage” for many young children.
What happen to the “apple” of today? the purity? the old cliché of  keeping the doctor away?  The fact is, the apple of today -  is not the same apple of 5,000 years ago. Recent studies from Consumer reports found all samples of  apple juice that were tested contained discernible arsenic samples; nine of them, or 10 percent of the total, were found to have arsenic levels that exceeded the drinking-water limit of 10 parts per billion.  The good news is - the arsenic found in many of the apple juices are of the non-organic varieties. One more good reason to buy “organic” juice, and apples as well.  Organic is better – but will not protect you from the residual effects of arsenic pesticides that were used long ago. The question is - what did they do to the apple?  The likely main source of contamination both in the United States and abroad, Consumer Reports reckons, is soil tainted with arsenate pesticides, which have been banned for decades in the US but persist in soil. Arsenic-based pesticides were once a staple on US apple orchards.  Info is from this link below.  To read more.

What would EVE do today with Eden’s Apple?
First, she would not eat it – fresh off the “forbidden” tree. She would think twice about the repercussions for herself and her family -  for more reasons than the one we know best.
She would re-evaluate the “Apple” before she took her first bite!
1. Wash thy apple for 30 seconds in luke warm water. Scrub with a small kitchen brush, dish towel or damp fig leaf - if you desire.
2. Peel the skin off the apple – pesticides stick to the apples skin. Peeling the skin rids you of ingesting the chemicals.
3. Buy organic if you can. It is still the best option especially, when purchasing fruit such as apples.

Green Apple Seeds of Thought -
The “apple” is wholesome and by far a beneficial fruit.  Gathered and stored 5,000 years ago. It will still be the “go to” fruit for today for the next 5,000 or so years.  The “apple” will never be on the forbidden fruit list.  This simple and delicious fruit will always be valued in it’s most uncomplicated form for just being an “apple.”  If Eve were around today - she would know this truth best.
 - Terry Ruvo Founder/Creative Dir  EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE (Snippets)

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