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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Pink" is always in Season! A Green Snippet

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"Mercy" lip creme
This is the first Snippet article I am writing on the color "Pink" - a fashionable color for every season.  In November's EYE ON GREEN Magazine,  I wrote about "Power Colors" and how to use your color to it's maximum potential. Pink out of all the colors resembles purity because white is the base color. When a colorist joins Red + white = Pink is the result. The shade may vary on the concentration of the pigment and how it is blended.  If you are choosing pink to wear as a lip shade, the best color to choose would be a pale/tan pink. The better choice would be a brand that is "paraben & cruelty" free. Pink is a powerful color.  A bit of pink on your lips not only says something about you. It gives "lip service" to your conversation, in a pure and polite way....Pink is Pretty, many would agree. Now you can agree and get more...buying a Pink lip creme that is in every sense of the word - "pure" non-guilty and "paraben" free -  At price to rejoice over -  $10.00 plus free shipping. The color that gives some "Mercy" to thy  "pink" lips of the season.
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