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Monday, November 14, 2011

"EYE on GREEN Magazine" November Issue

All content in this magazine has copyrights by: Terry Ruvo - Owner/founder of EYE ON BEAUTY and the Creative Director of EYE on Green magazine.
NOTES form the founder of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE Terry Ruvo. As many of you know, I choose not to have a facebook page. Facebook is a social network.  My writing and blog is a better fit on linkedin, google profile, google + twitter. Many networks have connected with me due to the success of the Oct. launch of EYE On GREEN Magazine. Now, there are so many more GREEN followers for this new and refreshing "choice" Magazine. You can see the Magazine on the Beauty Expert Exchange, Ladies Going Green, and Eco – Konnect.  As always, write me on  terry@eyeonbeauty.info and visit me at my online shop -  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info    Waiting to connect with you!
EYE On GREEN MAGAZINE – Take a Bite!   As we speak... the fever of  EYE On GREEN Magazine is getting hotter and spreading faster  than I can write the next issue.  As I have said, the “niche” Green market needs to  “grow.” The only way to do this is to strategize  and come together.  We can do it all with the customer in mind  - by feeding them goodness in alternative natural greener choices  EYE on Green Magazine gets your business noticed by offering you and your customers new opportunities  - boundless ways to contribute  - to the green “ideology.”   Take a Bite of Green – sink your teeth in!  The best Bytes to download are with EYE ON GREEN Magazine… to share, to enjoy  -  the FREEdom of it!
 On Freedom of "Choice"
There are many freedoms that we have and are taken for granted.  If our society was without one of these freedoms, the foundation of this Country would fall apart.  Freedom of speech allows us the right to say what we feel. If the majority does not agree – there are not serious repercussions for our tongue.....  The Freedom of “Press” – well, you don’t have to believe it - but it is nice to read it. Even if the  “written word” has no truths.   When I think about Freedom of “choice” - many would question? Is “choice” a freedom, or do we still have the right to choose? Some of you will say we have lost that right as a nation.  Yet, we still have the right to “change” our mind on the “choices” we make. With that said, Freedom of “choice” is the most powerful freedoms of all. We need to exercise our freedom of “choice” vigorously and careful.  Seeing and learning in both schools of thought, both positive and negative.  We are individuals, and our minds are our own. We still own the right to choose.  It will always be our one true power.  Take it back – own it!

Why Choose GREEN?  As I write to you about GREEN - there are many that do not know what GREEN is...and do not know how to "choose" GREEN.  We are on the planet earth with many choices to make. Some choices are small, some are BIG.  Green is BIG, Better, and the Best choice you can make for you, your family, your lifestyle and lifetime.  Any choices that you make - keep GREEN in mind, in your heart, and in your soul.  It is peaceful - It is plentiful - GREEN is Life! Without futher delay, let me introduce you to the GREEN team for the November EYE ON GREEN Magazine Anya's Garden Perfumes, BeautiControl, YesterYear Soaps, Vitale Skin - GREEN skincare  -  Mara Kesh  - Superior Moroccan oil
EYE On Beauty  #1 in Pretty for "Paraben" Free Cosmetics. Owner/founder: Terry Ruvo http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

"Mercy" lip creme
  "Pink" - is a fashionable color for every season.  In November's EYE ON GREEN Magazine,  I inked about "Power Colors" and how to use your color to it's maximum potential. Pink out of all the colors resembles purity because white is the base color. When a colorist joins Red + white = Pink is the result. The shade may vary on the concentration of the pigment and how it is blended.  If you are choosing pink to wear as a lip shade, the best color to choose would be a pale/tan pink. The better choice would be a brand that is "paraben & cruelty" free. Pink is a powerful color.  A bit of pink on your lips not only says something about you. It gives "lip service" to your conversation, in a pure and polite way....Pink is Pretty, many would agree. Now you can agree and get more...buying a Pink lip creme that is in every sense of the word - "pure" non-guilty and "paraben" free -  At price to rejoice over -  $10.00 plus free shipping. The color that gives some "Mercy" to thy  "pink" lips of the season.
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Anya’s Garden Perfumes                                     
 Founder/CEO   Anya McCoy
Address: P.O. Box 245   Miami Shores, FL.  33153    Phone:  3057560065
Website:  http://anyasgarden.comhttp://anyasgarden.com
 Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business? 20 years as a natural perfumer, five years as the President of the Natural Perfumers Guild, and four years as a perfumery instructor at Anya’s Garden Natural Perfumery Institute.
 What is your GREEN product or Service?  100% natural perfume, made only with natural aromatics and organic grain alcohol.  No synthetic fragrances, parabens or phthalates or other synthetic extenders and plasticizers found in mainstream perfumes.  Many of the aromatics in my perfumes are made by me, by hand, from exotic flowers and plants I grow in my organic garden in Miami.  Wildcrafted and organic aromatics are used as much as possible.
Company Vision:  I am a pioneer natural perfumer, having established my first line in 1991.  I want to offer clients an alternative to the mainstream perfumes that contain synthetics.  I only use gorgeous, rare and luxurious natural aromatics that nature offers in my perfumes.  I grow many of the aromatics used in my perfumes in my lush Miami organic garden.  I tincture, distill and effleurage the harvested botanicals from the garden and blog about it to encourage other perfumers to do the same.  It’s a slow and careful path that I am on, and my vision is to one day be almost 100% self-sufficient, excepting the alcohol (which I cannot produce, by law) and aromatics found only in cold climates, such as fir tree oil.  Having control of the quality of my perfume ingredients is very important to me, and I know it is to my clients, too.
Motto/Business advice:  Follow your vision, reach out to the community of artists and creators that are on the same path and don’t let anyone discourage you.
Anya McCoy  - "I  am a single woman living in a fast-paced city like Miami. I adore the refuge and sweet scents of my gardens.  I have rescued so many stray cats from my backyard, I have lost count.  They always find their way there, and I find them homes.  Besides gardening, I enjoy cooking gourmet meals, meeting with friends and enjoying the year-round weather of Miami, taking care of my elderly mother and drawing and designing – anything!  I find inspiration all around me, and  try to pass that on to my friends and family.  I’m the “glass half-full” woman!"
EYE on Beauty, founder, Terry Ruvo says: I got the pleasure of speaking with Anya on the phone, as I do will all my colleagues that share the same dream in mind.  Anya has amazing products to offer. I am a perfume lover myself – I am so glad to tell the world about Anya Garden perfumes.  All perfume lovers can love all the more knowing that Anya’s garden is giving organics pure scents to embrace.  Bravo Anya! The future looks very rosy for you!
Founder/CEO Gary Jones
Contact person: Marcy Slemp
Address: Palm Springs, CA  92234
Phone: 760-770-8882
Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business? 30 years 
What is your GREEN product? BC Facial Spa
Science meets Spa with BeautiControl's new highly scientific skin care collection. Our most technologically-advanced ingredients will give you smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin than ever before. Your  personalized skin care regimen, in 5 easy steps.  Rapid, visible results, Free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances. Dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested, and never tested on animals.
Motto:  Giving back.  Marcy – donates a portion of proceeds and products to WHO women helping others.  Grants available
Business advice:  Always willing to educate women on healthier beauty and still be able to look and feel great. 
“After speaking with Marcy, I noticed that she has a wealth of knowledge to offer her customer.  Marcy is an oncology nurse and has put her career aside to give back and share better choices for women that are seeking skincare & cosmetic remedies. "Thank you Marcy!, I look forward to seeing you and watching your  blossom with BeautiControl.”   Terry Ruvo - EYE On BEAUTY. 
Eye on Beauty Reviews -  by: Terry Ruvo  Marcy sent me BeautiControl “Defend and Restore” night crème. First,  I loved the texture and feel of the crème. Very light, seeps into the skin effortlessly, no residue. I will enjoy using this product and look forward to the benefits. “ Marcy, Thank you for sharing Beauti Control with me. This is Beauti and it’s in MY Control.”

Vitale Skin- GREEN skincare  Founder/CEO & Contact:   Shelly Albreht-Floyd
 Phone: 1800-991-4659 Website: http://www.vitaleskincare.com/ How long are you in the GREEN/Naturals Business?  Since 2007 Your GREEN product or Service Vitale Skin offers the FIRST & ONLY Wheatgrass Skincare on the market to date! Our simple to use 3 step system is paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free plant/mineral derived and vegan friendly. We love animals,  that is why we are Guardian Members of the ASPCA. 
Company Vision/Mission Our mission is to bring nourishing, healthy and unique products to all! 
Motto: Skincare for all! 
Eye on Beauty Reviews -  by Terry Ruvo: Vitale Skin -  absolutely wooed me…the packaging is so inviting and scent is clean delightfully refreshing. The first step and the next 2 are in the Vitale Skin-GREEN skin care box! Ask your skin to drink it up! The easiest 3 step solution, for your skin.”  Go here for more on Vitale Skincare." Sale is happening right now! http://www.vitaleskincare.com  This is a remarkable product! Vitale Skin offers nourishing products made with wheatgrass. Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly. 3 Simple Steps. Affordable, Professional Skincare.
Founder/CEO Cindy O’Neil
Address: PO BOX 386 Ashland, MS 38603
 Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business?
What is your GREEN product  Quite simply, we add no artificial substances to our soaps, such as dyes, parabens and preservatives, and where possible, we use organically grown products.  Our products contain no detergents, alcohol's, propylene glycol and other chemicals commonly found in commercially blended 'soap'. To really see what we mean, take a look at the labels of so called 'soap' at the supermarket the you next time you go to the store and compare them to the ingredients of our soaps.  Your skin will know the difference.
New Products in the future? Always, new seasonal varities that keeps the customer interest!
Company Vision/ Motto: Bringing you the best soap made over a 100 year's ago
Eye on Beauty reviews - Terry Ruvo   Cindy O'Neil  - sent me these nostalgia soaps in the mail.  I opened the box and  to my surprise, the elements did not only contain soaps. It was decorated in history of the past in scent and in sight.  Natural is not a thing of the past for Yester Year Soap Company.....they truly are bringing you the best in soap made over 100 years ago. A luxurious product built on old-fashion trust and integrity.  For Holiday gifts go here: Website http://www.yesteryearsoap.com

Did You Know -
Your power color is based on your Zodiac sign. I found the research when writing this article to be of high interest. Since I am a makeup artist and jewelry designer, I create ideas based on color and healing stones for jewelry and  lovers of the zodiac. Here is a list of Zodiac signs and power color meanings.  Power colors are different from your birthstones. I have been using my power color for a while with no knowledge before doing this research. I was surprise to see the healing properties of colors in combination with semi-precious stones. Enjoy - and be sure to “wear” your power color for ultimate impact!

Aries: Color Lime Green -  Action
Wear Lime when you want to present a refreshing and accomplished appearance and when you want to show the world how much you have done. Energy Healing using the color Lime Green brings Manifesting and Getting What You are Due.
Power Stone: Peridot

Leo:  color Red   Ambition
 The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Red bring you Drive, Ambition, and Motivation when you work in the Red Color Energy Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your creative Life Force, and your sexual desires. Power Stone: Ruby /Red Jasper

Taurus – color Yellow  Awareness
Yellow is warming and invigorating, and is the hottest color. It is the Light Energy and of openness and illuminates the mind, thoughts, body, soul and spirit with the highest thoughts and expansive changes. Power Stone:  Citrine

Libra: color Burgundy  Strength
The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Burgundy give you great strength of character. It means that you need to stand up for yourself, a cause or another.
Power stone: Garnet/Bloodstone

Gemini  - Peach  Charm
The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Peach bring you Courage and Charm. It means that you must rally and find the courage to help yourself and also help others not to be afraid to do the same. Power Stone: Peach Aventurine/ moonstone

Scorpio: Color Purple Passion
 The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Purple bring passion to your feelings and strength to your Magic. When you work in the Purple Color Energy Realm, you are empowered by Magical means.  Power Stone: Amethyst

Cancer:  color Orange Energy
When you work in the Orange Energy Color Realm it means that you are dealing with energies affecting your deepest Wants/Needs/Desires and your own efforts to make things happen for yourself, no longer deferring to the wishes of others.
Power Stone: Carnelian

Sagittarius: color Black  Healing
Use the Healing Energy Properties of the Color Black when you need to shatter these illusions, break curses and banish energies which are hindering your Journey by sending the excess energies down to your feet and out into Mother Earth.  Power stone: hematite/ Smokey quartz

Virgo color: Pink self-love
Pink Energy and doing the Pink Realm work expands your sphere of influence and most especially, your self-love. Accept and love ourselves we can then accept and love others.  Power Stone: Rose Quartz

Capricorn: color: Indigo  Imagination
The Healing Properties of the Color Indigo bring you wit, imagination and Mystickal connections when you work in the Indigo Color Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your dreams, thinking and problem solving; reaching into the vast unknown.
 Power Stone: Blue Tiger Eye

Pieces -  color Green -  Balance 
Green brings you openness to Love, Tolerance, Natural balance and equality. Green Color Energy Realm, it means that you are dealing with energies affecting your ability to give and receive in healthy, balanced amounts, to release grief and to Heal and Acceptance stay true to green.
Balance Power Stone: Jade

Aquarius: Color Aqua  Tranquility
Color Aqua brings you a balance of work and play by releasing guilt. When you work in the Aqua Color Energy Realm, it means that you are dealing with energies of letting yourself take a break.
Power Stone: Aqua marine

Information on color astrology from:    http://www. Old-earth.com


ARGAN oil - The Fountain of USE!
 There are so many ways to use this fabulous product. This golden oil is becoming the "Holy Grail" for many cosmetics users. From my lips to God's ears, it is changing the world of skincare as we know it.

The samples are for  both Women's Hair/skincare  & Men's hair & Skincare.

Women: Skincare TOP 3 uses
 1. ARGAN oil hydrates the entire face for a youthful golden glow.
2. Target areas for eyes. "crows feet"
3. Use for laugh lines, mouth creases,frown lines

Hair Care TOP 3 Uses
1. Scalp treatment
Morocco inspired gift
- massage into scalp, rinse with a gentle shampoo(sulfates paraben) free. 2x a month
2. Tames fly-aways
3. repairs, sofens dry ends,great for processed hair

Men: TOP 3 Uses
1. ARGAN oil hydrates the entire face for a youthful golden glow.

2. use after you shave/use in your shaving cream
3. hydrates and softens dry patchy skin/great scent!

Hair Care  TOP 3 Uses
1. Scalp treatment
- massage into scalp, rinse with a gentle shampoo(sulfates paraben) free. 2x a month
2. treat psoriasis,dry scalp
3. extra manageability 

Remember, you will only need 1 drop of oil. It is highly concentrated - a little bit goes a long way. #2 Use
"Notorious" lip Shine
We will be seeing more of the "miracle" oil that is gaining popularity. Enjoy the samples on the site below.
Enjoy love!
Here is the link again  100% Organic ARGAN oil
samples set only $2.90  coupon code: TR001

Would you like to purchase the lip color and the necklace/bracelet
gift? go to my online shop:




I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a warm and wonderful "THANKSGIVING DAY"
May peace bring you together, may peace bring love and gifts to your family and friends.

- Terry Ruvo EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE - founder/Creative Dir  write me for a feature: terry@eyeonbeauty.info

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