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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

3 myths about Entrepreneurs

First, the definition: ENTREPRENEURS - a person or manger that seeks to finance business to make a profit.  I would like to say an Entrepreneur - is a person that seeks to find opportunities that may lead to profitability while taking a financial risk.  Anyway you put it - an entrepreneur will tell you risk is involved. At what level of risk are we taking about here? More on that later... You would think that most Entrepreneurs are people that just have endless bucks to blow?  Myth #1 - not so.  Most Entrepreneur's don't have any extra pocket money. They usually have full-time jobs. Myth #2. Entrepreneurs, are just pushy sales men.  The Entrepreneurs that I know have 3 and 4 business opportunities that they currently explore simultaneously .  They may tell you about a "great opportunity" but a good Entrepreneur has the "know how" to execute the opportunity.  They are savvy about niche markets, and can tell you about current trends. The Entrepreneur will let you decide on how to proeed on an opportunity.  #2 Myth, foiled!  Now for #3 Myth exposed - Entrepreneurs are opportunist, flighty, and have no follow through skills.  Explaining the "flightless" of the Entrepreneur?  I can explain this characteristic best.  You may witness a Entrepreneur that seems to have their hands-in-everything.  A "fly by night" "head in the clouds," type A personality, fishing around for the next "big deal.". Actually, we are just the opposite.  Although, we do fly by the seat of our pants, exhausting our brain - turning over every stone and possibilities out there - Until we finally land on our feet! This is were execution takes place.  Swooping in on that new opportunity and executing that business plan we have been pondering over for weeks!  The flightless that the onlooker sees is a business person that will dump ideas until the reach their destination goal(s)! Decision making is like a Pilot coming in for landing!  Entrepreneurs don't hold on to mistakes - they fly above them....
Stick with the Entrepreneur - they are high-on-life and finding that dream is only part of their story. They bring their followers with them to enjoy! So, bask in their energy! Warm, friendly, joyous entrepreneur!  Like the old saying goes: "birds of a feather, flock together." Entrepreneurs don't bring people down, they bring people up!

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