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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How 2 Have More Intimacy

Okay so, here is the scenario...You have 3 children, you are both on different schedules, not to mention  your spouse wants more intimacy than you.  What is intimacy?...it's not sex.  Intimacy is the Fuel that Gets the Fire Burning to great sex!.   Did you ever think about planning for intimacy?  Sounds pretty boring...wrong!   The fact is -  intimacy is important to anyone that is in a Lon-term relationship.   Here is how  to  get intimacy and NOT just Sex!  Check  this method..(not the rhythm method).  Intimacy is how you make your significant other "feel" important, special, loved, respected.  Intimacy is a  24/7 love game, that needs nurturing.   A  prelude  the a "kiss"... and more!


Text ur spouse a sexy message.
Give him/her a compliment.
Leave a sexy note somewhere.

SEX Day!

Say: “Thank You” to something nice your spouse did. Show appreciation.
Make-out session (10-15 mins)

Sex Day!

Free day!

Obviously, this is a very consolidated way to place more intimacy into your sex life.    A Free day can be alternated with any day of the week.  If you are  really feeling hot and have the time or privacy.....Maybe  you will both feel sexually fit for fun on the weekend!    This  SEXUALLY Desire  has to have intimacy on the off days in order for it to work!   The method should be used for 4 months or longer  to  see the results. Intimacy Connection = Sexual Satisfaction.

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