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Monday, April 22, 2013

The NUDE Tans

What is so special about NUDE Tans?   Well, everyone loves being nude, so why not add it to your spring palette.

Nudes are also AKA  neutrals.  A blend of tan and pink or violet can be incredible sexy and ageless.

Check out these gems!   Model is wearing NAKED TRUTH lip cream.  This is the creamiest nude you will find, only at EYE ON BEAUTY Shop

SOLAR - Red-Orange
SOLAR - lip cream
In the mood for something more peachy?   Put "FLIP-FLOP on you list summer hotties in your purse!  FLIP-FLOP is a nude/peach and wants  to be at the beach...on your lips of course!  A little bit of  sheen and ultimate peachy smoothie!   How about something really  hot?  Get with SOLAR   - sun is rising in the east and glowing on your pucker!   see something good comes out of the HEAT!  Go shopping for your lips!  EYE ON BEAUTY lip Shop

FLIP-FLOP   nude/peach