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Monday, March 4, 2013

1 Little Herb - Big Benefits

Little-known herb improves macular degeneration in just 2 weeks.

…. The latest research shows a strong connection between the most popular over-the-counter drug in America and macular degeneration. Avoiding aspirin can substantially decrease your risk of getting this terrible disease. But if you already have it, there's a little-known herb that can fight this disease. It's so effective that it can begin to improve your vision in as little as two weeks.
The new research comes from a human clinical trial in Australia. Sydney University's Professor of Neurology Jonathan Stone studied 25 macular degeneration sufferers. He divided them into two groups and gave both groups either a placebo or 20 mg of the herb saffron for three months. After the three months, he switched what each group was taking without them knowing and continued to give them their new tablets for another three months.
Stone tested all 25 of the participants for neuron electrical conductivity in the macula and retina after they took the saffron. Amazingly, 23 showed significant improvement. Those same 23 also reported they could see much better.
What's more, their visual improvement began after only two weeks on the herb. What I found particularly interesting about this study was what happened to the first group that took saffron. When they started taking the placebo (without knowing), they complained that their improved eyesight was beginning to diminish again. And to confirm these results, the group taking the placebo first didn't experience any change for three months. Then, once they started taking the saffron, they said they were seeing much better.
Professor Stone noted that saffron works by influencing the neuron's genetic code. It helps it restore its capacity for healing neuron cells. That means this herb could help a lot more than just macular degeneration. It could help any condition caused by neurological conditions, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Unfortunately, saffron isn't very common and it's very expensive. That's because the growers have to plant each bulb by hand. Then they have to harvest the three crimson stigmas or saffron threads from each flower by hand. But you can find it at some health food stores and online. The 20 mg used in this study is the recommended dose.
If you decide to try saffron, please let me know how it works for you. This is new research that could be groundbreaking for this eye disease - and many other neurological problems.
Your insider for better health, Steve Kroening
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