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Monday, March 18, 2013

Magic of Hair!

 It's In VUDU

What's in your shampoo?...If you are using anything on the market today, most likely it is filled with preservatives. Parabens, Sulphates, color striping materials that are not good for your hair or you scalp. Yes! It all happens at the scalp to ensure lustrous locks from the begining to the ends.  EYE On GREEN MAGAZINE will only recommend products that are good for you and non-hazardous to the environment.  With no further delay - Green Magazine casts the magic wand on VUDU - by BLACKBOX Cosmetics.   BLACKBOX   has brought and elegant line of cosmetceuticals  to beauty and now they have come out with a "must Try" product for healthy hair care.  Green Salons and Spas will be reaching for this product!  Although this product can not be bought in main stream retail - salons can purchase through a BLACKBOX distributor or they can set up their own account for distributor pricing.  Distributor pricing comes with purchasing the BLACKBOX  line at a one time low cost at 149.00
EYE On BEAUTY - purchased BlackBox and it was the best investment that I made for my business.  I don't have time for costly MLM  companies, with monthly fees to pay in order keep my distributorship benefits.  Finally,  BlackBox makes it easy to obtain high-end botanical cosmetics at a price that businesses can afford  -  Terry Ruvo. Go here to check out BLACKBOX cosmetics and see VUDU hair   BLACKBOX WEBSITE
Click on the PICTURE Top Left and go to BlackBox and click on Vudu 

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