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Sunday, February 17, 2013

March is Vision It Pretty!

Photo by: Jon Sada
Our Cover Model

Natasha Roark is the President and CEO, at Vision It Pretty, LLC which was established in 2009. Vision It Pretty is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is a full service make-up artistry company that also offers a line of quality professional cosmetics. The goal at Vision It Pretty is to maximize the “pretty” in women everywhere one face at a time!

Her Look:

Natasha used "Tremor eye shadow" and "Precious eye Shadow from the  Eye On Beauty line  to create this look.

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No Sneeze - Breath!

Easy & Inexpensive Detergents And Fabric Softener for Your Laundry:

  • Use 1/4 cup baking soda during rinse cycle instead of toxic scented chemical softeners.  It works great and is so much healthier for your family and the environment.
  • Use 1 cup baking soda during regular washing cycle to enhance cleaning and will help to deodorize any unpleasant smells that might be lurking in your clothing. I always use baking soda when I have a new clothing item to rid some of the toxic chemicals from fabrics.  Baking soda has some many useful purpose when you are serious about going green. 
  • White vinegar can be used for the same purpose – just add 1/4/ to 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle. It deodorizes and softens your laundry and don’t worry about the vinegar smell, when you take you clothes our of the washer you wouldn’t smell the vinegar. Your laundry will be soft as a cloud and without any unpleasant odors.
Go to the Marla files for more ways of living green!  http://www.organic4greenlivings.com

Who Wears it GREEN?

 Alessandra wears it best! I don't know what she is wearing...but it's GREEN! 
If you can't get her outfit - you can get the makeup... 

Snake Eyes Creme Shadow

Spun Silk Eye Creme

Check and Body Glow is easy with a 3-1 product "Sunset Strip" see below comes in 2 shades. Use on checks, legs, Shoulders, and your bum! I won't tell...shop SUNSET STRIP!
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Got Heartburn Baby?

Heartburn - it's not a secret, and when you have it, everyone knows!
Nobody likes heartburn...especially if you are pregnant.  I  remember my first pregnancy it was nothing bubbly!  But not the good bubbles...a lot of indigestion, nausea and a bad taste in my mouth...just awful.   I was told to pop some TUMS by my OBGYN.   although before I "pop" anything in my mouth, I always read labels...and believe me, there is  massive amounts of chemicals in antacids.   Many women and men suffer from GERD  which is acid reflux syndromeEven if you eat way before bed time, many find that the "stuff" just repeats on you. Certain types of foods will come back to haunt you...and it ain't pretty!   

Recently I have come across GERD's best friend....lol    Now, I get some AXIA3 action!  Ryan Doheny invented this unbelievable remedy for acid reflux.  Not only is it pleasant tasting, (non-chalky)  it is safe to use.  Women all over America have been thanking him for their alternative to Tums.  You can get AXIA3 at wholefoods - but why not try a sample from EYE ON BEAUTY free with any beauty purchase.   NO GERD!   AXIA3  is the only way to fight antacid by working with a mom's body and not against it. I t Neutralizes heartburn and releases a blend of ProDigestive and Trigresive enzymes promoting healthy digestion and critical nutrients for mother and baby.   Enjoy your pregnancy,  happy and healthy  with  no GERD  bubbles!  Visit my Friend Ryan, the creator of AXIA3, at the link below.  
Ryan Doheny
CEO & Creator of Digestive Formulas

Sink Your Teeth In - SEX!

The right foods can support desire, but if you’re envisioning oysters, think again: Foods for sexual vitality are different from aphrodisiacs, says Mars. “You want to tone the whole body. It’s not, What can I do for tonight? but, rather, having extra energy for sex.” Here are the powerhouse foods that will fan your desire:
Nuts and seeds, especially sesame, chia, sunflower, hemp, and pumpkin. “Raw nuts and seeds have a lot of life force,” says Mars, who suggests soaking chia seeds overnight and having them for breakfast with blueberries, nuts, and honey.
Grains, beans, and squash. “The best way to eat squash is raw,” says Brian Clement. “Grate it up and add it to salads or dips.”
Turmeric, lemon, and cayenne, which support healthy circulation. “Some of the smallest capillaries in the body go down to the penis and vaginal areas,” Clement says. “Blood flow is necessary for full arousal,” agrees Laurie Steelsmith, a Honolulu-based naturopathic physician and the author of Great Sex, Naturally.
Cruciferous vegetables, acai, mangosteen, and berries. These support liver health, which is also vital to good circulation, says Steelsmith.
Cardamom, garlic, and ginger. “You want to warm your body up, not cool your jets,” says Mars. “Make your food healthy and exciting.”
Maca. This root is associated with stabilizing hormones, says Elyse Clark, a raw vegan chef and educator from Deer Park, New York. She uses maca powder, beets, and Brazil nuts to make raw-food truffles.
Dark chocolate. It contains L-arginine (a vasodilator) and phenylethylamine, which makes you feel happy, Steelsmith says. Skip the chocolate bar, with its added sugar and fat. Instead, buy cocoa powder and add it to your smoothies.
Root vegetables. “Roots are said to energize your lower chakras,” says Mars. Try burdock root, carrots, and beets.
Avoid fatty foods and alcohol, which will make you sluggish, and coffee, which Steelsmith says lowers testosterone in both men and women.
Overall, focus on fresh, unprocessed foods. “When you eat cleaner, you function more optimally,” says Clark. “Even your response to human touch will change—you can get aroused by simpler things. Your body is getting the message more clearly.”
 Hungry for more go here:   http://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/hungry-more-what-eat-sexual-vitality