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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CEO Art Sale

 As part of EYE ON BEAUTY art sale - the GAGA Green T is being offered.  In honor of Lady Gaga and all the good that she does, the tee is being offered for a special price.
Click on the sexy pic to the right or go here:  Access Green T shop

Owning a piece of art is the best gift a person can receive.  Art helps mental wellness, aliments of all kinds.  Just looking at a piece of work to admire grabs the mind in a positive way.  EYE ON BEAUTY has added an ART Gallery to the website.  Pieces will be added to the exhibit daily.  These are first renditions of pencil sketches, paintings, pen/inks ...look and see what pleases you.  Prices are GREEN and with love  from the artist.  OWN a piece of beauty that will  make history.  Click Art