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Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Green POP Beauty

  Eyes! '80's Warhol

"Surf" Bold Effects
"FABLE" Bold Effects
"Passion Fruit" Lip cream

POP goes the eyes!  Andy Warhol's  pop art has hit the runways  EYE ON BEAUTYs has the 80's HOT  list  hitting the Top of the Charts....take Debbie for example....an 80's Pop icon has reemerge in the cosmetic department or should I say " art" department.  Although, pigments are not face paints, colors below add a  powerful punch to beauty!  Wear these hi-res hues prudently or rewind back to 80's with Debbie!  Blondie is her name these colors stay hot on the runway for 2012 - 2013  palettes

Make your own "Pop List" with EYE ON BEAUTY!
Buy colors separately  for 6.75 each for 3  for 18.00

 Daring color for a women that knows what she wants!  and the world shall wait for what she does next!

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"Glam"  Eye Shadow (frosted)
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