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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The "A" list 4 Green


Antioxidants on your GREEN list?  
Get your GREEN Hands  on these Super Foods
Apples  (organic, please. )

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How 2 Green Shop!
Since, I have made believing, thinking and choosing  a green way of life,  my days have become less stressful.  Of course, alleviating  stress is number 1 to staying healthy.  How does going green minimize stress?   Well it's easy.  There are less choices when you choose green and less confusion....like I said, it's easy!  Choosing green in my life has brought my mind back to an "at ease" state.   Here is one good example.  Before I go grocery shopping I make a list.  Carrying a list reduces my stress level, because I know I will stick closely to the list of items of necessity and not of pleasure.  I stick to the  basic food groups.  Fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, meats and water.   When I stroll down the dairy I get "organic"   Milk.  I don't look at "all" the  milk I just look at the organic choices" only."  I do the same thing in all other departments, this would be another stress reducer.  I purchase food that I need ( main meals)  then if I want a treat such as ice cream for the kids, I make a good choice on something interesting to delight them.  Keeping to the Green aisles first, keeps my priorities straight.   Practice makes perfect....If you throw in a bag of chips in your cart...I won't tell.  Just make sure they are organic!
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