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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eco-Swim Green Pools

The benefits of swimming in a salt water pool is an extremely green experience. I got my share of an Eco-friendly  pool on vacation. See info below from eHow on how to create a salt water pool.  Dive into the blue! Share some Green Love - EYE ON BEAUTY end of  Summer Sale $5  skinny -dip Deals!  Eye On Beauty Sales
How to Change to a Saltwater Pool

How to Change to a Saltwater Pool thumbnail
Love your backyard swimming pool but hate the idea of using all those chemicals to keep it clean and algae free? You'll be happy to hear that you now have an environmentally safe alternative to all those chemicals--plain old salt. That's right, you can keep your pool water sparkling clean by changing your chemically driven pool plumbing system to one that works with saltwater. Saltwater swimming pools have been around in other parts of the world for years. Now, because of both the environmental advantages and potential cost savings, saltwater swimming pools are becoming increasingly common in North America.
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