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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Men's Skincare - The "O" Factor

Your man’s got it for the “pampering and primping thing?”  Going back a couple of years ago, I never saw a man at the local wax bar…like, how did this happen?   Usually, these guys are not seen in public and they would keep their waxing sessions a secret.  Not anymore…men have needs too, just like women in the beauty lounge.  A shave and a hair cut won’t do the job.  Men want footbaths and facials….Oh, yeah baby!  They do spa days with their female counter parts…certainly the best of both worlds. The secret is not necessary in the treatment; it is in the “product.”  How do you give your male clientele the BIG “O”…? Using Organics will  get  him hooked and coming back for more. Factoring organics into the male epidermal equation is key.  How so? Chiefly, the function of organic skincare is vital in healing and soothing men’s skin.  Guys do not want to reek, that’s a fact!  It is principle that choosing organics for men need to be satisfying for this sole purpose of care rather than whiff!  Scent is secondary and should never be strong.  Most guys want no-smell in skincare.  Men’s skincare is less on “scent” and more on “fresh.”  Try these organics on your male buddies!

Top Favorite for Men – “FROST” Face Wash

Containing Tea Tree extract & TeaTtree oil   - leaves his  face feeling cool, clean, and fresh.. it has a large dose of natural skin bacteria killers and it is non-comedogenic. Frost does not contain harmful sulfates or parabens. It is organically preserved.  Only  $14.95    BlackBox 4 Men

Products that I use and recommend are BlackBox Cosmetics.  It is skincare that Men & Women want.  Organics is becoming priority in spa care.  Offering BlackBox is the best choice that works for men and is always organically preserved.

Infusion AM – Protects & Heals His Skin

It is designed to protect  skin from harmful free radicals; while firming and improving the look and texture for a more youthful appearance.  AM has incredible healing properties. Those with troubled skin will find it as a must have skin-care product.
Price $32.95

I only use and recommend  BlackBox Cosmetics.  It is skincare that Men & Women want.  Organics is becoming priority in spa care.  BlackBox  works for men and  for the salon practitioner ! The smile on his face is The “O” Factor guarantee!   go here for more   BlackBox 4 Men