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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Green will Save Beauty's Bottom line

Get to Know the GREEN industry specialists.  Products and clients of the past are NOT the same.  How can your business win in the beauty industry?

Salon owners, Spas, Skincare professionals , stylists....do you know what clients want when they visit you? I have written so many articles about client services and hospitality, all of which  are important to business.  A client today wants more than just a cut, blow, or primping for the price.  They want better products to buy....that yield beautiful results.  Clients are fickle and change their style and tastes on a  daily  basis.  Many,  do  the "salon hop"  and jump on any and all discounts that are available to them as a  new customer.  This entitles them to go to a new salon to see some new moves  from another hair dresser.   It's a great ride!  As soon as things get stale, they will go elsewhere and so will your stylists. A honeymoon period for a customer can last up to 3 visits. For a stylist working in a salon -  as soon as he/she builds her client network they  will leave you high-n-dry and take your business with them.  Sometimes up to 40% of clients, if they are a top contender at your salon, specializing in " new snips" and techniques. There is no loyalty.  Sad, but true.  How do you keep your customers and your top stylist, plus hold on to walk-ins for future business.   If you can't join  them - than be better and beat them!  Here are a couple of ideas to get your clients to "ride" with your salon.

First, follow EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE.  (scroll to the end of this blog) The market is exploding with Green/organic products for your salon customers.  My network is filled with merchants that can S.O.S.  ..."Save Our Salons"   Don't waste another dime on the same old, tired products for hair care, and skincare.  Treat your salon and clients with the gift of GREEN.  Purchase Skincare that is Unisex  and organic!
 BlackBox 4 Men
My vendors also run specials - get new skincare items  for $149.00  or less, and refresh your front desk!  No strings attached -  just new organics for your tresses.
go here to a list of "Green" vendors in all areas of beauty :   http://eyeonbeauty.info/aboutus.sc  

Do want to see stats on customers buying Green Beauty..... follow EYE ON GREEN Magazine for industry updates, Partnerships and advice on how to get your "green" salon  noticed.   write me terry@eyeonbeauty.info  online Natural Beauty Boutique Shop    http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

Why Green will Save Beauty's Bottom line

Need Green Beauty? Let us Think Organically for you! Read below
Hand Picked Fresh Green Brands: Naturalle d'Argan,  Black Box Cosmetics, Silk Virgin...see Green Directory Link
Did you know that a resource for organizing non-toxic beauty vendors is here in Eye on Beauty's webpage directory? This is a separate tab for all Online Natural Beauty lovers to seek brands that have their clients best interests at heart.  
 Alert! - a  beauty  buyer will not find these brands in retail stores. 

The "green" vendors as seen in the monthly brochure, EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE, are not big on costly ad campaigns for image, but are far more interested in images that they send to their customers.  The beauty in their image comes from quality and not  quantity of manufactured beauty  - Retail (brands) have only $$$ in their purse, non-existent consumer safety and questionable quality and standard levels.

 Eye on Beauty is the only online Boutique for all consumers that want non-toxic beauty. EYE on Beauty's products are "Paraben free" cosmetics that provides a central location of green/natural/organic directory of perfumers, natural body care makers, skincare specialists and formulators, only using the best indigence that they can give to beauty buyers. Eye on Beauty is the only online source for safe cosmetic purchasing and advice. see on 
Eye on Green Magazine, Eye on beauty Tips for more information on beauty with quality and safety in mind. 

 "All beauty should come from the earth the way God intended." ~ tr