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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featuring ur brand - gets Greener!

Gaga Green Muscle Tee
 This is the Tye-Dye Muscle Tee that is for  sale. Male/Female Sz.  XL Great for the Gym, as a Beach Coverup.  Who ever you are, you will be gorgeous in this one-of-a-kind tee.  $20.00
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Plum Green Tee
Are you thinking about featuring your green brand with EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE?  The most economical way to get your green out there is buying a green donation ticket from EYE ON BEAUTY.  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info As many followers know, Eye on Beauty carries their own private label cosmetics which are non-toxic gorgeous color, with out the worry! EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE  features "Green" and organic merchants in the field of beauty, skincare, spa, bath, body, massage, everything Eco and green,from  all over the world! If you would like to purchase your feature through a donation... kudos's  to you! Yet there is another way to give"Thanks" to green. Why not purchase some genuine, authentic "green" wear.  One of a kind, ready to wear Tye-dye for, mom/dad/ and kiddies too!  Pleasantly priced, special dyes just like you!  Don't wait too long, these won't last.  With a price like this give "green" a chance!  Give and get a feature for your "green" brand today.  Write me for details. terry@eyeonbeauty.info

Did you know that EYE ON BEAUTY will be adding  more apparel to the shop;....and it will be" green" indeed. Green Camo Tye- dye t's that have been laundered, worn, garbage bound,  and buried until now,  have been  redesigned,  reworked by hand and  ready to wear for boys and girls.  If you consistently visit EYE ON BEAUTY, there maybe a treat waiting for mom to enjoy  herself.  A beautiful lip creme or even a Tye-dye shirt  fit to wear....just for you!  Each Tye dye will be authentic and original just like the buyer, beautiful unique and something amazing to share.  There will be matching Tye-dye canvas bags for the t's if you dare to express your personal style further.
Please do come by  for a visit - feel the color and inspiration!  Buy a custom Tye-dye from EYE on BEAUTY, and turn all head this summer! 
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 I love Green, I love Children

There are many people in this magazine that have inspired me.  As I said above, many people have a lot to share in the New Green Beauty Industry,  and have inspired me to write many articles. But nothing inspires more than my children.  They are the seeds that have given me the courage, and endless love to write and grow green news.  Every time I create an article it all reverts back to the same place. The future and health of my children.  I constantly think about your children as well....  Believe me, that is not a sales pitch.  There is no dollar value that is hidden inside when producing this magazine, only the value and the dream that I can help to create a better world by promoting green ways and choosing a green lifestyle in beauty as my true art.   Every message that I dare to send about "green' will be a positive and caring incite that you can bring to your life and to your children. With that said, I have designed Eco-friendly priced gifts for your children and for you to buy ,wear and view as a keepsake.  These are one-of-a-kind, hand made gifts. What you see is what you get, there is no replication or replacement for "Green" as I have said, it is easy as the word "peace." I hope you will enjoy wearing and showcasing my apparel. Spread the word about EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE , always with love. go here to see the latest  http://www.eyeonbeauty.info

This is a message from Terry Ruvo CEO/Publisher of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE.  In no way should this article be copied with out written approval from the author of this blog.