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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan issue 2012

It's Jersey-licious and It's GREEN!
This article has been copyrighted by:Terry Ruvo the publisher and owner of EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. January GETS more GREEN and a whole bunch of  new"GREEN" for you! Cover look can be purchased at the link below.
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Feast your EYEs on  new and upcoming green vendors of interest! We are not just a beauty magazine, we are the new creation of health, beauty, and GREEN fantastic! The Magazine of true Beauty, true Professionals that provide natural remedy's and products for the body to indulge in -  without the worry of"unidentifiable flying ingredients!" January 2012 marks the beginning of a new decade of merchants that truly care about the health and livelihood of their customers...of course, why shouldn't they! Without our clients, there would be nothing green to strive for.  Stay healthy! EYE ON GREEN Magazine JANUARY is on the Launch pad! Stay tuned!
DID you know... the founder of EYE ON GREEN is from the beautiful "Garden" State of New Jersey!   Just twenty minutes away from NYC and pleasantly tuck away in a suburban neighborhood, EYE ON GREEN Magazine is climbing straight to the top! The trendy, beautiful healthy organic magazine has been claiming territory in all areas of business.  We are not just beauty, We are all about healthy green lifestyle. , We care about our "Green" offering and consistently  focusing on the "green"consumer!  This client is becoming more and more important in the "new" world of  green business. Customers are looking to implement green in their life for a lifetime of better health! Industries are going green and the customers are leading the way for success.  Beauty being number one luxury item, as well as bath and spa.  January's issue will focus on how buying "green" will save money and trusting the small organic business owners that are supplying us with natural and green offerings. New Jersey is the "Garden State" and the best of all greens are here in EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE. Just on more bit to add to January - We have been granted a badge of honor!  If you are in the spa/salon business - I recommend that your GREEN be seen here in EYE On GREEN and get noticed!  http://www.naefss.org



Company Name: Eco-armour Robert Benzinger: Phone: 443-994-4326
How long are you in the GREEN Business? 1 Year
What is your GREEN product or Service? 3 different botanical shaving foam/body wash’s that give a perfect shave every time and are patented to improve razor performance and extend blade life. We also manufacture a 100% botanical, safe and effective bug spray called “outdoor”
New Products in the future? Bed spray  
Company Vision: To provide unique and useful skin care products that improve people’s skin
Motto: Now there’s a better , smarter way!  
Our Business advice: Don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients and put people before profits.
Eco-armour was founded by a husband and wife team Zoe and Robert Benzinger in Annapolis MD. Their products are gaining critical acclaim because they make everyone’s skin look feel and smell amazing. The ingredients they use: are all botanical, and sustainable. They use only recycled plastic containers as a further commitment to the environment. Optional info here: Eco-armour is more than a company, it’s a cause. Please join us for you and the planet.
EYE ON BEAUTY Review:  Eco-Amour delivers a soothing shave, that is" like no-other" product that I have tried.  The foam is so light and gentle.  Scents are minty refreshing…Women - The best bath buddy you will ever have!  Men - Non-irritating smoothest shave ever – the “love of your life” is waiting in the shower...and how about that alluring packaging!"   ~Terry Ruvo
Bug Spray “Outdoor”
"After having such a great experience with the shaving foam I was very excited to try the bug spray. Behind my backyard is a small patch of woods that is overgrown with bamboo. One could imagine how much mosquito's love this kind of setting. I LOVE being outside but unfortunately enjoying my hammock is not an option for more than a minute without getting eaten alive, and I can't stand the idea of wearing toxic chemicals to keep bugs away. So I doused myself in the spray (which had a wonderful citrus scent to it) and set my mental timer to see how long it would take for mosquito's to dine on my skin. Two chapters later, I had yet to even think twice about going back inside. Amazing!!" –
Melissa  MSW, LGSW, AHA (Applied Healing Arts Masters) To see more of Eco-Armour go here:
Founder/CEO: Elizabeth Bloch
Address: P.O.Box 1404
Phone: 610-609-1907
Email: ebloch@ForeverYoungMask.com
 How long are you in the GREEN Business?: Since 2008
 What is your GREEN product or Service? The Forever Young Mask is Hypoallergenic and Machine Washable for use over a long period of time and comes in recyclable packaging. 
 New Products in the future? New natural beauty & comfort products are in developmental stages.
 Company Vision: Natural Approach to Health & Beauty
 Motto: Wake-up Looking Younger!
 Business advice: Fight wrinkles while sleeping well at night.
Forever Young Mask -
Developed in 2008 by suburban Philadelphia entrepreneur Elizabeth Bloch, the Forever Young Mask provides the antidote to pesky facial creases, or “morning face,” caused by the pressure on the face, all night every night, rubbing against the pillow.
In addition to lessening the appearance of facial wrinkles, side and stomach sleepers also experience improved breathing and better rest as the Forever Young Mask lifts the head and opens breathing passages.
The Forever Young Mask proves to be a cost-effective tool in preventing and smoothing out sleep wrinkles, a cause of deepening facial wrinkles.
Eye On Beauty Review – “I found this information to be astounding… I am a side-sleeper, and I do wake up with facial creases in the morning…uggh, scary! I am going to give Forever Young Mask a try. What do I have to loose…facial wrinkles! Yes! Maybe it will even put a stop to my husbands snoring!"  ~ Terry Ruvo

 Company Name:    Healthy Water – Healthy You
Contact person: Lorraine Hansen   Phone: 828-243-4463
Email: How long are you in the GREEN Business?  1 Year +
What is your GREEN product or Service?  Kangen Water that truly Hydrates You.  AND You can also make waters that sterilize and that will clean the pesticides off your fruits and vegetables.  Plus water that you can use in place of detergent and almost any other cleaning agent.
Company Vision:  I want everyone to experience the vitality that Kangen water can provide. If you are already eating a sensible diet, imagine how great you would feel if you eliminated tap water and drank healthy water.
 Motto:  Our corporate philosophy is based on three basic principles:
1.      Realizing true physical health
2.      Realizing true financial health
3.      Realizing true mental health
Lorraine Hansen - on Healthy Water - Healthy You:  I generally enjoy life, awakening each day looking forward to the adventures of the day. My avocation for the last 20 years has been Short Term Mission Trips. This has allowed me to visit many countries & cultures sharing the Good News about Jesus. I enjoy that type of travel. I also enjoy Bible Study & Bible Discussions. I appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, but I am not into camping.  I enjoy the best live water in the world and I love sharing it and seeing what it can do for people.
I retired from Medical Technology a few years ago, today, I help friends with their computer problems. I am also starting a new venture which allows me to share 'free' water that helps the body to do what it's suppose to do and that is keep you well.
EYE On Beauty Review: "I am very interested  in healthy clean water, the environment, and how we are going to maintain clean water resources . To keep our wellness, our bodies need clean water, air, and nutrients to combat aging. We do know that our cells need water to eliminate toxins. Believe it or not, water is fuel. The body is a  machine that needs to stay healthy by cleansing and refreshing the environment each day. We do this by drinking water. Water is the way to go - easy, clean and simple!" Terry Ruvo
Want to see how Healthy Water can be used to clean away pesticides off your greens?  go here http://www.healthywater-healthyyou.com
Other Articles of "GREEN" Interest

Toes say .."ahhh" - to Argan oil

Mara Kesh Select 100% Argan Oil
Golden Remedy of  Uses!
I have written many times about the amazing Argan Oil for hair and skin care. Here is another use for the Golden Oil. Go here to buy 100% organic Argan oil products from Mara Kesh Select  http://www.superiormoroccanoil.com  coupon code TR001 $2.90
For Your Mani -
Our nails tend to get dry and brittle during the winter months. Just as our hair tends to dry out and dull - our nails and cuticles re-act the same to dry temperatures. Nails tend to break, crack, cuticles tend to dry and skin is flaky.  Argan oil will soften dry cuticles & skin while retaining moisture. I discovered a great way to use this oil during a mani and pedi.  First warm up a dish of warm water. Place 1-2 drop of Argan oil in warm water. Place fingers in for 3-5 minutes.  After your spa mani is completely dried, use 1-2 drops on cuticles. Too oily…cut it with 4 drops of water and massage into cuticles all over hands and forearms.  Relaxing, and hands are soft and lightly scented.
For Your Pedi -
Toes say “ahh” to  Argan Oil as well. Use the same technique for a pedicure.  A warm basin of water using the golden oil is on my  to-do list for a relaxing foot soak!
For limited time only Mara Kesh Select 100% Organic Argan Oil  can be purchased from EYE ON BEAUTY -  choose from Hair and Skincare.  The proof is in the Argan oil!
COVER LOOK and the Jerseylicious FREEBIES!
- no winter blues here!
Model is wearing: "Mercy" lip creme,  Super Silky Eyeshadow ( wet/dry)  in "Precious" gold/pink
"Ever After" (lavender)  Indelible Creme for Eyes.  go here to get this look and purchase: http://www.eyeonbeauty.info
....and the FREEBIES

"Mercy" lip creme
ANYTIME you order from EYE ON BEAUTY you get a FREEBIE included in your purchase?  Yes, its true..just to say "thank you" for your order and being included in the "green" and "natural" way to beauty. You can receive any freebie, like a lip carry case, a sweet charm for your phone, or a mani/pedi kit....so what are you waiting for?  Order up....EYE ON BEAUTY wants you to know, how grateful I am to do business with you!
#1 Lip cremes are offered on EYE ON BEAUTY - where pretty is "paraben free!" Colors below are rated number #1 by my customers! Best quality for color on a non-toxic lip creme and a free ship!
Special gifts are also eco-friendly too!
Check it out The GREEN Directory! Get  your company associated with the very best naturals and organics! http://www.eyeonbeauty.info/aboutus.sc
Write Terry Ruvo - Publisher and get listed

Power Berry Shake
Organic Rice Milk   sm cart      $1.69
1 bag of frozen mixed berries  $3.99
1 cup of ice                             $1.00 purified water (ice cubes)
1 organic apple                      .69 Cents
In a blender or food processor, add 1 cup of organic rice milk, 1 cup of frozen mixed berries and 1 cup of ice cubes. 3-4 apple chunks. Combine all, and blend to a smooth texture.  Makes one 8oz. berry delicious smoothie!
Other alternatives:  Add some honey to the mix; blend more rice milk or organic vanilla yogurt for a creamier texture.  Add another fruit to the mix!The ingredients should last five days to make 1 smoothie each day. You will loose the belly fat - without feeling hungry!
As you can see, I did not count calories here…..no need. These nutrients are needed to fight infection. Everyone needs to give the immune system an added boost!
Try to drink one smoothie once a day and have light meals through out your day!
Drink and enjoy the Antioxidants!
Have a recipe to share? Write me terry@eyeonbeauty.info

EYE ON GREEN MAGAZINE offers the Best in Affordable GREEN Visibility! Get a GREEN Spot! write me: terry@eyeonbeauty.info
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